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177. By Martin Pitt on 2010-09-21

* Merge bug fixes from trunk:
  - scsi_id: export target port group, for ALUA support
  - scsi_id: Fix compiler warnings
  - gudev: Deliver ::uevent signal in the thread-default main loop. This
    makes it possible to actually use the library in a multi-threaded
  - keymap: Add Lenovo Y550 (LP: #543065)
  - gudev: add a few annotations that newer gobject-introspection versions
  - Clarify WAIT_FOR documentation
  - Fix various syntax errors in rules
  - Add automatic rules syntax check

176. By Martin Pitt on 2010-09-12

* New upstream release. Changes since our previous git snapshot:
  - cdrom_id: Fix DVD-RW media and blank DVD detection.
  - Do not create persistent name rules for kvm/qemu/vmware interfaces.
    (LP: #341006)
* Add debian/watch.

175. By Martin Pitt on 2010-08-30

* Merge fixes from trunk:
  - keymap: Fix Acer TravelMate 4720 (LP: #569815)
  - gudev: fix crash if netlink is not available (LP: #581527)
  - udev(7) manpage: Fix description of $attr (LP: #348513)
* debian/changelog: Fix bug reference in previous upload.
* debian/udev.{pre,post}inst: Remove pre-lucid upgrade code.
* debian/udev.postinst: Drop obsolete /lib/udev/devices/sndstat symlink, OSS
  has gone from our kernels ages ago. (LP: #605443)
* debian/udev.postinst, create_devices(): Drop devices which are handled by
* debian/udev.postinst, create_devices(): Drop devices which are handled by
* debian/rules: Work around gtk-doc not being able to work in a separate
  build tree; debian/rules prep already fixes $srcdir→$builddir, so copy
  the relevant source files into the build tree so that gtk-doc has
  something to scan for. (LP: #519670)
* Add debian/local/hotplug.functions: Provides some helper functions which
  udev callouts can use. This is being used by usb-modeswitch, alsa, and
  other Debian packages. Copied from current udev sid package. (LP: #625110)

174. By Martin Pitt on 2010-08-26

* Merge fixes from trunk:
  - keymap: Fix Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2HP/B (LP: #613578)
  - keymap: Add HP G60 (LP: #554944)
  - keymap: Add Onkyo PC (LP: #612529)
  - Add support for oom_score_adj, which replaces oom_adj in kernel 2.6.36
  - udevd: remove unneeded credential passing from init_notify()
* debian/control: Update Vcs-Bzr to reworked tree. The current tree is now
  branched from lp:~vcs-imports/udev/trunk (which works well now) instead of
  the outdated manual lp:~scott/udev/master import.
* Add debian/source/format: Keep 1.0 for now. We don't use quilt, but bzr,
  and this is not a native package.
* Add debian/source/options: Supply tar-ignore and diff-ignore options to
  exclude .bzr/ and test/. This obsoletes the "debian/rules package" rule,
  so remove that.

173. By Martin Pitt on 2010-08-21

* New upstream release 161, plus fixes from git head: (LP: #620977)
  - udevadm trigger now defaults to change instead of add.
  - modem modeswitch removed, use usb_modeswitch instead (see LP #521578)
  - NAME= now ignored
  - udevd creates device nodes itself on startup based on modules.udevname
  - default device permission is 0600
  - lots of bug fixes
  - updated keymaps (LP: #271706, #554066, #569815, #592371)
  - update udev(7) to point out naming of rules files (LP: #616108)
  - cdrom_id: fix media state detection of DVD-RW/DVD+RWs (LP: #581925)
  - cdrom_id: fix media state detection on older hardware (LP: #502143)
* debian/libudev0.symbols: Add new symbols from upstream version.
* debian/udev.initramfs-hook: Drop 64-device-mapper.rules, it was removed
* debian/control: Drop obsolete (pre-lucid) Breaks and Conflicts.
* debian/rules: Replace obsolete dh_clean -k with dh_prep.
* debian/control: Slightly more generously version libselinux1-dev build
  dependency (thanks lintian).
* debian/control: Replace obsolete ${Source-Version} with ${binary:Version}.
* debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* debian/control: Add Homepage field.

172. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-19

* Cherrypick keymap fixes from trunk:
  - Unite laptop models needing common volume-key release quirk. Many laptop
    models need the same volume-key release quirk. Currently, two models
    have identical force-release-maps/ keymap files (dell-studio-1557 and
    fujitsu-amilo-si1848) and two more need to be added (Mitac and Coolbox
    QBook). This replaces the identical force-release-maps files with one
    'common-volume-keys' file to make adding new models easier.
    (LP: #565459)
  - Add force-release quirk for Coolbox QBook 270-02 (LP: #420473)
  - Add force-release quirk for Mitac 8050QDA (LP: #374884)

171. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-15

* Fix cdrom_id even harder to correctly detecting media. (Committed to
  and cherrypicked from upstream git head):
  - Rework feature/profiles buffer parsing: Previously we were ignoring many
    profiles, which could lead to misdetecting the content types.
  - Print more debug messages with -d.
  - Do not ignore errors from scsi_cmd_run(). scsi_cmd_run() can return
    positive error messages if we have CHECK_CONDITION set and get the error
    code from the SCSI command result. So check the result for non-zero, not
    for being negative. This fix another common cause for "phantom" media
    in empty CD-ROM drives. (LP: #562978)
  - Swap media state and TOC info probing. Blank CDs do not have a TOC, thus
    will fail cd_media_toc() (at least with the "Do not ignore errors from
    scsi_cmd_run()" fix). Thus probe the media state first, so that we can
    properly detect blank media.

170. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-13

cdrom_id: Turns out that some ioctls do not actually touch the result
buffer in some cases, so we need to zero the result buffers to avoid
interpreting random da CD properties. (LP: #559723, LP: #561585) Patch
also committed to upstream (2b861)

169. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-13

cdrom_id: In cases where cdrom_id does not go through the entire code path
and one of the probing functions returns -1 or exits early, the remaining
variables were never initialized. This caused effects like "phantom" audio
CDs on empty drives, or bogus data like ID_CDROM_MEDIA_TRACK_COUNT=22528.
Initialize the variables right away to avoid that. (LP: #559723) Patch
committed to upstream git as well (816e6bf).

168. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-09

* Merge some fixes from GIT HEAD:
  - Fix keymaps for upcoming Dell laptops.
  - cdrom_id: Retry to open the device if it's EBUSY. (LP: #554433)

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