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58. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-09-28

* New upstream release:
  - Don't call an undefined symbol when deletion of a share is notified
    (Rodrigo Moya)

57. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-09-24

* New upstream release:
  - Correctly stringify http errors that occur in restclient (in another
    process), and fix the call to bus.get_object in the case of removing the
    current machine's token (John Lenton) (LP: #644547)
  - Reuse shared structure to avoid crashes due to referencing already
    released memory (Roman Yepishev) (LP: #498019)
  - Show an error dialog when deleting a share fails (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #645518)
  - Plug a memory leak (Rodrigo Moya)
  - Removed AQ.deferred that was only used for testing (Facundo Batista)

56. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-09-20

* New upstream release:
  - Adding a try-except block around clientdefs constants import to be able to run on development environments (Natalia Bidart) (LP: #628956)
  - Fix LR to delete the share metadata or unsubscribe the udf if the volume
    directory is missing from disk but VolumeManager still have the volume as
    "active" (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #556783)
  - FSM creates the directories now, not Sync (Facundo Batista)
  - Default logging for ubuntuone-preferences is INFO (Natalia Bidart)
    (LP: #640438)
  - Plug a memory leak (Rodrigo Moya)
  - Added contacts for users with no addressbooks are kept in memory correctly
    now (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #640171)
  - Fixed syncdaemon_metadata_get_is_synced to work for post-generations
    folders (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #640392)
  - Fix a regression in VolumeManager, now it calls refresh_shares after
    server rescan (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #638187)
  - Use com.syncdaemon.SyncDaemon.UniqueInstance name to check for existing
    instance of syncdaemon (Roman Yepishev) (LP: #639017)
  - Include glib's gi18n-lib.h, which forces definition of GETTEXT_PACKAGE
    (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #640955)
  - Add syncdaemon_authentication_clear_token API for the music store to deal
    with invalid tokens (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #634384)

55. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-09-15

* New upstream release:
  - Fix VolumeManager.subscribe_udf method to handle the error cases properly
    (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #632439)
  - Make ubuntuone-launch work with the new sso (John Lenton) (LP: #631822)
  - Wait for READY before asking for connection (John Lenton) (LP: #525743
    and LP: #518027)
  - Move operations live in limbo until confirmed (Facundo Batista)
  - Fix a few problems with emblems (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #607247)
  - Load UDFs as soon as syncdaemon is ready (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #612541)
  - Load public files as soon as syncdaemon is ready (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #627339)
  - When VM receives an event on a volume it doesn't have, refresh them
    (Facundo Batista)
  - Made u1sync client work from the command line. No more "authorize" option,
    only --oauth (Natalia Bidart) (LP: #634337)
  - Marker chains are errbacked ok now (Facundo Batista)
  - Remove multiple returns in VolumeManager.subscribe_udf method (Guillermo
  - Do calls to libproxy in a separate process (John Lenton) (LP: #633241)
  - OAuth consumer key and secret can be passed as parameter (Natalia Bidart)
    (LP: #637022)
  - Don't generate a new file if we're deleting or overwriting it
    (Facundo Batista)
  - Make sure that the u1 music path is present (Manuel de la Peña)
    (LP: #558762)
  - Make the "Current plan" label show the actual value returned from the
    server (John Lenton) (LP: #551138)
  - Add --with-sso option to configure, for building with uninstalled
    sso-client (Rodney Dawes)
  - Fix volume manager to create the fsm node on server rescan if the node
    isn't there (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #632454)
  - Fix Local rescan to process read only shares and resume interrupted
    downloads (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #598189)
  - Make sure we load list of shared folders in Nautilus plugin (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #633013)
  - Dereference the possible markers in limbos (Facundo Batista)
  - Don't start syncdaemon from Nautilus plugin. Just wait for it to be
    available (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #613219, LP: #635629 and LP: #628877)

54. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-09-08

* New upstream release:
  - Fix crash when disabling UDFs (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #625525)
  - Only show one question dialog when disabling UDFs (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #624212)
  - Cancelled uploads don't survive forever now (Facundo Batista)
  - Remove ancient ubuntuone/oauthdesktop reference from Makefile.am
    (Rodney Dawes)
  - Fix dbus interface get_metadata methods to use the realpath
    (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #621924)
  - Make dbus interface handle WaitForCondition in waiting_content properly
    (and any other 'empty' commands) (Guillermo Gonzalez)
  - Some code cleanup when analysing code for a bug that was already fixed
    (Facundo Batista)
  - Some code cleanups in AQ (Facundo Batista)
  - Draw a separator between recently used contacts and the rest
    (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #614047)
  - Use correct app name when clearing tokens in ubuntuone-preferences
    (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #628852)
  - When user cancels deletion of UDF, keep the toggle button's status
    (Rodrigo Moya)
  - When the contact has no name, use whatever is available (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #614055)
  - Remove old oauthdesktop references (Natalia Bidart) (LP: #632502)
  - Fix u1sdtool --rescan_from_scratch args parsing to support VOLUME_ID=""
    (Guillermo Gonzalez) (LP: #619958)
* debian/python-ubuntuone-client.install:
  - Remove oauthdesktop files from installation

53. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-08-31

* New upstream release:
  - Use spinner and gray out widgets when syncing/unsyncing (Rodrigo Moya)
  - Fixed SSO signals' signatures in u1-prefs (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #625296)
  - Memory improvements in the AQ queues, markers revisited (Facundo Batista)
  - Get the subinterfaces ASAP so that the signals from them are setup
    (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #621433)
  - Fix crash in ubuntuone_nautilus_got_public_files (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #627329)
* debian/control:
  - Depend on ubuntu-sso-client >= 0.99.4

52. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-08-27

* debian/ubuntuone-client.gconf-defaults:
  - Enable ubuntuone plugin (LP: #625355)

51. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-08-26

* New upstream release:
  - Remove ellipsis from Ubuntu One submenu (John Lenton) (LP: #621255)
  - Fix capitalization of some checkboxes in preferences (John Lenton)
    (LP: #581882)
  - Capitalize and cleanup menu entries (John Lenton) (LP: #621266)
  - Error out in configure if lndir is not found (Rodney Dawes) (LP: #605978)
  - Show the correct help text on synchronized folders (Rodrigo Moya)
    (LP: #624680)

50. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-08-26

* New upstream release:
  - Switch to requiring python-mocker for the usage of mocker in tests
    (Rodney Dawes)
  - Use the same help text for SSO everywhere (Rodrigo Moya)

49. By Rodrigo Moya on 2010-08-26

* debian/control:
  - Add -dbg package

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