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8. By Artur Rona

* Merge from debian testing (LP: #499671), remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/int2size_t-fix-page-truncation: Cherrypick upstream
    variable size fix which manifested as info pages being truncated
    on a tab character. (LP #394808)

7. By Max Bowsher

Cherrypick upstream variable size fix which manifested as info pages being
truncated on a tab character. (LP: #394808)

6. By Norbert Preining

* upload to unstable
* ignore .png, dir.gz, dir.old.gz files in update-info-dir

5. By Norbert Preining

* new upstream releases (Closes: #500301)
  - fix (wrongly) added leading spaces in direntries (Closes: #457741)
  - work with ~ in th epath (Closes: #495577)
  - disable the patch fix-direntry and fix-texi2dvi-bashism,
    included upstream
* update the list of files to be installed (new translations, pdftexi2dvi)
* mange version in the watch file to remove the .dfsg.N part
* use quilt.make (first step in direction of source format 3.0, but that
  is broken)
* add README.Debian to info package (Closes: #513187)
* add README.source, bump standards version to 3.8.0

4. By Norbert Preining

fix bashism in texi2dvi (Closes: #461352)

3. By Frank K├╝ster

* Apply patch by Josh Bressers <email address hidden> to fix
  CVE-2006-4810, added as 33_texindex_CVE-2006-4810.dpatch
* Add myself to Uploaders so this doesn't look like an NMU.

2. By Josip Rodin <email address hidden>

* Removed broken /usr/share/texmf/pdftex/plain/misc/epsf.tex,
  closes: #133601.
* Added Conflicts: ja-trans (<= 0.7-3.1), closes: #138233.
* Included a po/ru.po recoded from windows-1251 to koi8-r, kindly
  provided by Nikita V. Youshchenko <email address hidden>, closes: #132943.
* Reverted to "parsable" which is in fact correct, closes: #124757.

1. By Josip Rodin <email address hidden>

Import upstream version 4.1

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