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32. By Andres Rodriguez

New upstream release (LP: #619325)

31. By Andres Rodriguez

* testdrive.py: Fix failure to auto-detect/use VirtualBox when KVM
  is not installed. (LP: #602987)
* Add support to testdrive isos from http://releases.ubuntu.com
  - testdriverc: Changes to support repositories instead of harcoding url.
  - testdrive.py: Add 'L' option to rsync; create different cache file for
    each repository; obtain isos from manifest; set url accordingly.

30. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* testdrive.py: Update ISO manifest every 12hrs instead of every 24hrs.
* virt/{virtualbox,parallels}.py, testdrive: Changes to support
  threading in GTK Frontend for VirtualBox and Parallels.
* Fix launch error when downloading with zsync. (LP: #602585)
* Changed the way to obtain the protocol for synchronization.
* Re-add ISO verification in URL, while improving protocol determination.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* testdriverc: change kvm default video mode from vmware back to cirrus;
  need to document that vmware video mode will provide more resolutions,
  but cirrus is faster and more responsive

29. By Andres Rodriguez

* Improved settings file handling to support sections for different
  - testdrive, testdrive.py: Changes to support sections on settings file.
  - testdriverc: Reorganized in different sections.
  - Install testdriverc in testdrive-common instead of testdrive:
    + debian/testdrive.install: Installation of testdriverc moved to
    + debian/testdrive.{postinst,preinst}: Moved to
* Respect XDG BaseDirectory settings for TestDrive's cache. (LP: #592079)
* Don't create DISK_FILE while setting defaults. This is neccesary for the
  PyGTK GUI to not create an empty DISK_FILE everytime it is launched.
  - testdrive.py: Add method to create DISK_FILE.
  - testdrive: Create the DISK_FILE right before setting up the VM.
* Changes in launching a VM to allow multiple launches in the PyGTK
  (This change only applies to KVM for now):
  - virt/kvm.py: Return the cmd needed to launch the VM in 'testdrive'.
  - testdrive: If KVM is in use, launch the VM from here.

28. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/control: Depends on virtualbox-3.2 for testdrive;
  add ${source:Version} to Depends on testdrive-common.
* testdrive.py: Fix arch filtering when creating ISO list.
* testdrive: Moved arch defaults from list_isos to set_defaults.

27. By Andres Rodriguez

* Fix launching fail when attribute m is not set. (LP: #585792)
* Obtain ISO list from Ubuntu cdimage for UI generation.
  - Cache filtered manifest in $CACHE/isos.
  - testdrive, testdrive.py: Drop hardcoding of the UI's available ISO
    list and generate it from cached manifest.
* Change method to obtain Ubuntu Release Codename. Fixes (LP: #586685)
  - testdrive.py: Obtain release codename from iso cached manifest
    instead of launchpad for compatibility issues.
  - debian/control: Drop Depends on python-launchpadlib.
* Add support for different Ubuntu Flavors.
  - testdriverc: Add variable for default Ubuntu Flavor.
  - testdrive, testdrive.py: Do necessary changes for this to work.
* doc/testdrive.1: Update manpage for newly added options.
* Add support for VirtualBox version 3.2. (LP: #589419)

26. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Fix broken VM launching:
  - testdrive.py: Add function to determine if disk image is empty.
  - testdrive: Use above function to enable the launching of VMs.
* debian/testdrive-common.install: Change installation directory.
  - install in usr/share/pyshared/testdrive.
  - __init__.py: Added and installed to be able to load module.
* Separate virtualization methods from main code:
  - virt/{__init__.py,kvm.py,virtualbox.py,parallels.py}: Added.
  - debian/testdrive-common.install: Install virt methods.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* testdriverc:
  - default of CLEAN_IMG is False, reflect that
  - use -vga vmware in KVM by default (to work with UNR, and give
    other useful resolutions)
* testdrive: try to support running vbox images too (not quite working
  all the way yet, but on its way)

25. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* testdrive, testdrive-gtk, testdrive.py, testdriverc: completely
  overhaul organization of the code, making it more modular, in
  prep for a GTK front end
* Actually remove testdrive-gtk because is was a testing script.
* Add testdrive-common package:
  - debian/install: Moved to debian/testdrive.install.
  - debian/control:
    + Add python related fields, Build-Depends-Indep and Depends.
    + Add testdrive-common binary package.
    + Move python-launchpadlib Depends to testdrive-common, and
      add as a Depend to testdrive binary package.
  - debian/rules: Add pycentral rule.
  - debian/testdrive-common.install: Added to install shared file.
* Fix the failure of launching the local ISO. (LP: #581067)

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* testdrive:
  - clean up some unneeded trailing newlines,
  - fix unexpanded %s in the help text, LP: #575326
  - support running testdrive -u foo.img, against some existing
    kvm qcow2 image (drop testdrive-kvm)
* testdriverc: update header info, clean up config file
* testdrive.install, testdrive.postinst, testdrive.preinst: handle
  the conffile syntax change on upgrades
* testdrive, testdrive-kvm, testdrive.py, testdriverc: add -smp
  support for kvm runs, LP: #570750
* doc/testdrive.1: add zync to the supported protocols list, LP: #577900

24. By Dustin Kirkland 

testdrive: support usb-creator-kde, LP: #570509

23. By Dustin Kirkland 

[ Vish <email address hidden> ]
* img/*: LP: #538299, better icons

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* Close LP: #554227, in previous upload

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