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71. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream release
* debian/control:
  - Add Vcs-Bzr link

70. By Josselin Mouette <email address hidden>

Break g-s-t and liboobs < 2.30 since the protocol has changed.

69. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream release:
  [ 2.29.4 ]
  - Support for locking/unlocking user accounts
  - Fix setting Real name for new users
  - Be more robust by ignoring invalid users from /etc/passwd
  [ 2.29.3 ]
  - Improve error checking against malformed /etc/group lines
  - Correctly chown home directory for new users (when asked)
  - Fix missing GroupConfig2 in D-Bus config file, which completely blocked accessing groups configuration

* debian/control.in:
  - Remove Vcs-Svn tag as it confuses debcheckout

68. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream version
  - Allow committing changes to only one service at a time
    (new ServiceConfig2 object)
  - Re-enable list of forbidden services: distributors should report if
    they wish to hide more of them
  - Support encrypted home directories on Debian/Ubuntu
  - Remove unneeded dependency on Authen::PAM
* Drop 04_dont_use_authen_pam.patch - the change is in the new version

67. By Chris Coulson

* Sync with Debian testing
* New upstream release (LP: #506365)
  - New users and groups protocol
  - Fix D-Bus .service files to work with new users and groups version
  - Add a new authentication interface allowing to check for PolicyKit
    authorizations before committing
  - Fix SelfConfig and improve security checks
* debian/watch:
  - Watch 2.9.x series
* debian/control:
  - Bump libpolkit-gobject-1-dev build-dep
* Drop debian/patches/08_use_md5t.patch: Obsolete with new version
* Refresh 02ubuntu_chmod_network_interfaces_when_using_key.patch
* debian/patches/04_dont_use_authen_pam.patch:
  - Drop superfluous "use Authen::PAM", as it's not needed

66. By Chris Coulson

* debian/patches/10_unbreak_user_modification.patch,
  - Upstream changes from GIT to fix modifying passwords of
    existing users from users-admin (LP: #463353)
* debian/patches/12_fix_date_setting.patch:
  - Upstream GIT change to make it possible to change the time and
    date settings from time-admin again (LP: #475754)

65. By Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.
  - debian/patches/01_debian_4.0.patch,
  - debian/patches/04_correct_perl_command.patch:
    + Removed, fixed upstream.

64. By Chris Coulson

* debian/patches/07_dont_fork_on_dbus_activation.patch:
  - Don't fork the dispatcher when activated by DBus, as it makes
    DBus think that activation failed (LP: #411533)

63. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream release (LP: #416321):
  [ 2.6.1 ]
  - Added infrastructure for translations (David Planella) (LP: #207677)
  - Fixed some compiler warnings (Carlos Garnacho)
  [ 2.8.0 ]
  - Port to PolicyKit1. This change breaks compatibility with clients that don't support it, namely the gnome-system-tools < 2.28. (Milan Bouchet-Valat)
  - Fix D-Bus and PolicyKit policy files (Milan Bouchet-Valat, Simon McVittie, Josselin Mouette and Colin Walters)
  - Move the s-t-b executable to sbindir (Vladimir Lettiev)
  - Remove stale PID file when terminating (Chris Coulson) (LP: #298777)
  - Copy timezone to /etc/localtime instead of symlinking. Packaging tools should take care of updating themselves that file when they update the timezone data. (Steve Langasek)
  - Fix Gentoo support in several ways (Jeremy Guitton)
  - Fix translation files being installed with broken name (Götz Waschk)
  - Fix failure in time-admin when looking up "Europe/Helsinki" as time zone value (Michael Terry)
  [ 2.8.1 ]
  - Fix D-Bus activation to point to $(sbindir) (thanks to Götz Waschk)
  - Move $policy_in_files out of the HAVE_POLKIT case (Carlos Garnacho)
* debian/control.in:
  - Add BZR link
  - Change polkit dependency to polikit-gobject 0.92
* debian/system-tools-backends.install:
  - Binary moved from /usr/bin to /usr/sbin
  - Updated polkit install dir
* debian/patches/00git-format-strings.patch:
* debian/patches/00git-policy-i18n.patch:
* debian/patches/05_cve_2008_4311.patch:
* debian/patches/07_dont_symlink_localtime.patch:
* debian/patches/61_cleanup-pid-file.patch:
  - Applied upstream
* debian/patches/08_rosetta_translations.patch:
* debian/patches/99_autoreconf.patch:
  - Removed
* debian/patches/01_debian_4.0.patch
* debian/patches/02ubuntu_chmod_network_interfaces_when_using_key.patch
  - Refreshed

62. By Martin Pitt

* Merge with Debian unstable; Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Some patches, see their tag headers for details:
    + 00git-format-strings.patch
    + 00git-policy-i18n.patch
    + 08_rosetta_translations.patch
    + 61_cleanup-pid-file.patch
    + 99_autoreconf.patch (for the changes in 00git-policy-i18n.patch)
    + Drop 60_fix-permissions-of-pid-file.patch, superseded by
* Debian's cleanup of 01_debian_4.0.patch also fixed operation for Karmic.
  (LP: #371234)
* Add 06_check_etc_timezone.patch: Check /etc/timezone instead of
  /etc/localtime, to fix zones being misreported as some other zone. Thanks,
  Michael Terry! (LP: #43644)

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