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54. By Michael Vogt on 2010-09-20

[ Gabor Kelemen ]
Add translation domain info to setup_ui and its invocations.
Fixes LP:644404

53. By Michael Vogt on 2010-09-13

* data/gtkbuilder/main.ui:
  - fix expand property of the button pane
* fix deprecation warnings from python-apt 0.8

52. By Michael Vogt on 2010-09-07

[ Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi ]
data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in: desktop file is now really
hidden (LP: #624072)

51. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-09-06

Add release upgrade option to KDE UI to select between LTS and
normal upgrade prompts LP: #631708

50. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-09-06

* po/POTFILES.in,
  Correctly define the gtkbuilder types to those strings are in the template
* Correct a typo in one of the add-apt-repository strings
  (lp: #630613)

49. By Michael Vogt on 2010-08-25

[ Michael Vogt ]
* fix ftbfs

[ Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi ]
* data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in: Menu entry is now hidden
  (LP: #624072)

48. By Michael Vogt on 2010-08-25

[ Amicahi Rothman ]
* Fixed "Select Best Server" broken by PyQt signal argument changes

[ Michael Vogt ]
* po/pt_BR.po:
  - updated, thanks to Sergio Cipolla
* merged lp:~and471/software-properties/gtkbuilder-and-gui-polish,
  many thanks!

47. By Michael Vogt on 2010-08-13

[ Jonathan Harker ]
* Improve documentation for apt-add-repository (LP: #586790)

[ mac9416 ]
* Fixed bug LP: #446216: added --remove option to add-apt-reporitory.
* Fixed Bug LP: #579669 which points out that add-apt-repository will
  create a sources.list.d file with illegal characters
  if there are illegal characters in a PPA name

[ Andrea Corbellini ]
* Automatically create a deb-src line when adding a new repository
  (LP: 399711)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* add test for LP: #579669 and use re.sub() instead of urllib.quote()
* merged lp:~alexzak/software-properties/fixes, many thanks

[ Erik B. Andersen ]
* Fixed depreciation warnings

[ Brandon Tomlinson ]
* Altered data/glade/main.glade Put the bottom buttons in a button box
  to make the buttons assume the correct width (LP: #515990)

46. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-08-06

* Port software-properties-kde from using install-package to using
  qapt-batch, a C++ drop-in replacement (LP: #497803)
* Replace dependency on install-package to qapt-batch in debian/control
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1, no changes required

45. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-14

* softwareproperties/ppa.py:
  - fix launchpad API path when looking for the PPA archive
    signing key

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