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Recent revisions

20. By Mehdi

* New upstream release
  + Remove 0003-dgraph-handle-dotted-ellipse.patch

19. By Mehdi

* New upstream release
* Convert patches to quilt format
* Bump standard version to 3.8.4, no changed needed.

18. By Mehdi

* New upstream release
* Update README.source
* Fix include order in debian/rules
* Use new features of dh-ocaml 0.9
  - Generate documentation using dh_ocamldoc (Closes: #559330)

17. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild for OCaml 3.11.2 transition (LP: #527627).

16. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild to fix reverse build dependencies.

15. By Mehdi

* New Upstream Version
* Use my Debian address
* Remove 04_more_clean.dpatch: not needed anymore
* Bump standards version to 3.8.3, no changes needed
* Update copyright file
* Remove ocamlweb from build-dependencies as we don't use it.

14. By Mehdi

[ Mehdi Dogguy ]
* New Upstream Version
* Update some build-dependencies versions
* Upgrade Standards-Version to 3.8.2, no changes needed.
* Update patch 01_makefile

[ Sylvain Le Gall ]
* Clean and restore files to come back to pristine-tar state after

13. By Mehdi

* Modify 01_makefile.dpatch to:
  - install .cmi and .o files of the viewer
  - install graph.o
* viewgraph has to link against gtkinit
* Install ocamlgraph-viewer
* Move libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev to section ocaml
* Upgrade Standards-Version to 3.8.1, no changes needed.
* Add myself to uploaders
* Add and install a manpage for ocamlgraph-viewer

12. By Sylvain Le Gall

[ Sylvain Le Gall ]
* New upstream release:
  * Don't ship viewgraph which is segfaulting
  * Update 01_makefile.dpatch
  * Don't use upstream documentation, since there is a bug in viewgraph
    that prevent generating it
* Update copyright file to something more compliant with
* Add build-dependency on dh-ocaml
* Upgrade Standards-Version to 3.8.0 (debian/README.source)

[ Stephane Glondu ]
* Switch packaging to git

[ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
* debian/control: add missing ${misc:Depends}
* bump debhelper compatibility level to 7
* debian/rules: use ocaml.mk as a CDBS "rules" snippet

11. By Sylvain Le Gall

[ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
* new upstream release (Closes: #486910)
  - split a new binary package ocamlgraph-editor to ship the GNOME-based
    graph editor based on hyperbolic geometry
* promote Homepage to a real debian/control field
* fix vcs-svn field to point just above the debian/ dir
* debian/watch: update to point to the new homepage
* debian/control:
  - update Homepage field to point to the new homepage
  - drop versioning in cdbs dependency, the required version is in stable
  - revamp long description mentioning new functionality
  - in long description, formats list items properly as pre-formatted lines
    (Closes: #480338)
  - add Build-Depends on liblablgtk2{-gnome,}-ocaml-dev to build the editor
* debian/patches/
  - 00dpatch.conf: add dpatch configuration fail pointing to ../upstream for
    upstream tarballs
  - 01_makefile.dpatch: refresh wrt latest upstream Makefile.in
  - 02_editor_naming.dpatch: (new patch) rename the best built editor to
  - 03_hide_b0rken_icon.dpatch: (new patch) avoid references to the non
    existent icon "ed_icon.xpm"
  - remove no longer applied patches: 02_literals_overflow.dpatch,
    03_META.dpatch, 04_ocamldoc_coloring.dpatch
* debian/libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev.examples: refresh according to new upstream
  example placement
* bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0, no changes needed
* debian/copyright:
  - revamp with more precise mention of copyright owners (separate from
    contributors) and license version details (LGPL, v2 only)
  - provide copyright details for Debian packaging, adding myself
  - switch to machine parseable copyright format, as per
  - change file encoding to UTF-8, makes lintian happy

[ Sylvain Le Gall ]
* Use ocaml 3.10.0-9 for generating .ocamldoc-apiref automatically
* Set debian-ocaml-maint@l.d.o as maintainer, me and zack as uploaders
* Remove useless control.in
* Add manpage for ocamlgraph-editor
* Clean files that are generated and prevents building debian diff

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