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54. By Surbhi Palande on 2010-09-13

* debian/initramfs/hook: Added following code (invoked on update-initramfs)
  (LP: #617725):
  - create a mdadm.conf if it is not found in /etc and copy it in initramfs
  - update an existing mdadm.conf in the initramfs if it does'nt include
    a definition of any array
  - warn the user if the definition of an active array is not found in the

53. By Colin Watson on 2009-12-12

* Rename debian/mdadm.vol_id.udev to debian/mdadm.mdadm-blkid.udev so that
  the rules file ends up with a more reasonable name following changes in
  debhelper 7.4.2, and adjust the initramfs hook to match (LP: #493772).
* Build-depend on debhelper 7.4.2.

52. By Colin Watson on 2009-11-15

* Fix boot_degraded handling during installation (LP: #462258):
  - Source /lib/preseed/preseed.sh in check.d/root_on_raid.
  - Change mdadm/boot_degraded default in templates file to match the
    apparently-intended behaviour (i.e. false), and stop overriding
    debconf preseeding if BOOT_DEGRADED is not already set in the
    initramfs configuration file.

51. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-09-27

Do not test array state for partitions, which won't exist if the
array is inactive and don't have a state to test. LP: #431064.

50. By Colin Watson on 2009-08-26

check.d/root_on_raid: Make sure to always read all the output from
fstab.d scripts; this may help to clear up occasional partman hangs.

49. By Colin Watson on 2009-07-07

check.d/root_on_raid: Fix spelling of "grep", and discard stderr from
mdadm rather than from grep.

48. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-05-12

debian/rules: Disable warnings/errors about type-punned pointers
breaking strict-aliasing rulesto fix the FTBFS

47. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-05-12

* debian/mdadm.vol_id.udev: Use blkid instead of vol_id
* debian/control: Add dependency on appropriate version of util-linux

46. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-03-27

Fix for LP: #316670
* Incremental.c: cherry-pick upstream patch, "Fix NULL pointer oops"

Fix for LP: #349971 (Thanks, Steve Beattie!)
* debian/source_mdadm.py: apport hooks for improved bug reporting

45. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-02-20

* Update udev rules from those shipped in the udev package.
* Watch md devices for changes with inotify.

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