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103. By Soren Hansen

releasing version 0.8.3-1ubuntu9

102. By Soren Hansen

Add 9024-Explicitly-pass-uml_dir-argument-to-user-mode-linux.patch
to stop user-mode-linux domains running under a libvirtd run by
upstart from mysteriously and silently crashing during boot.

101. By Soren Hansen

Update 9023-Support-virDomainAttachDevice-and-virDomainDetachDev.patch
based on a small last-minute change upstream.

100. By Marc Deslauriers

debian/patches/9009-autodetect-nc-params.patch: updated to fix
connecting to a remote server when using zsh or tcsh. (LP: #605172)

99. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/patches/series: per Ubuntu Server team, run qemu/kvm as non-root
  and comment out 9008-run-as-root-by-default.patch. This has now received
  significant testing in Debian, adds a good security benefit for people
  who disable AppArmor and fixes the libvirt portion of LP: #619843. With
  this patch removed, libvirt will default to the Debian configure arguments
  and run qemu/kvm VMs as 'libvirt-qemu:kvm'.
* debian/README.Debian: adjusted for the above

98. By Soren Hansen

* FFe: LP: #622682.
* Replace 9019-Remove-wrong-check-for-uml-monitor-response-size.patch with
  9019-uml-fix-logic-bug-in-checking-reply-length.patch which is what ended
  up getting applied upstream.
* Add the following patches taken from upstream git:
  - 9021-Allow-chardev-of-type-file-for-UML-domains.patch
  - 9022-Rename-qemudShrinkDisks-to-virDomainDiskRemove-and-m.patch
  - 9023-Support-virDomainAttachDevice-and-virDomainDetachDev.patch

97. By Jamie Strandboge

* update to allow pcidev and hostdev to work with AppArmor (LP: #545795)
  - debian/patches/lp-545795.patch: add vendor and device to
    pciDeviceFileIterate(). Patch submitted upstream and they feel it is
    reasonable, but not committed yet. This should fix pcidev.
  - debian/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper: add read access to
  - debian/apparmor/libvirt-qemu: adjust read access to be
    /sys/devices/**/usb[0-9]*/** instead of /sys/devices/*/*/usb[0-9]*/**.
    Patched based on work by Andreas Ntaflos.

96. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/patches/9012-apparmor-dont-ignore-open.patch: don't bother with
  updated logic. After review, upstream's code is sufficient and simpler.
  Keep new tests and rename to 9012-apparmor-extra-tests.patch. This can be
  removed in 0.8.4.
* debian/patches/9013-apparmor-lp457716.patch: updated based on upstream
  feedback. This can be removed in 0.8.4.

95. By Soren Hansen

* Added the following patches:
  - 9015-Add-ubd-to-the-list-of-disk-prefixes.patch.
  - 9016-Close-fd-s-of-persistent-tap-devices.patch.
  - 9017-Make-sure-all-command-line-arguments-get-passed-to-U.patch.
  - 9018-Make-umlConnectTapDevice-ask-brAddTap-for-a-persiste.patch.
  - 9019-Remove-wrong-check-for-uml-monitor-response-size.patch
* All but the last are already in upstream git. Together, they make
  user-mode-linux guests work again.
* Note: The last patch in the list is still being reviewed upstream.
  Depending on the outcome, I'll update here accordingly.

94. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/patches/9014-skip-nodeinfotest.patch: fix FTBFS in nodeinfotest
which is still broken on armel

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