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50. By Robert Hooker on 2010-10-08

Add 03_intel_limit_tiled_pitches.patch: Fixes a problem where framebuffers
with a width greater than 2048 pixels could not be allocated on pre-i965
generation intel GPUs, which is common for multi-monitor setups. Backport
of upstream commit 726210f87. (LP: #619663)

49. By Martin Pitt on 2010-08-01

debian/rules: Don't install upstream changelog. This saves > 1 MB of CD

48. By Robert Hooker on 2010-06-10

* Merge from debian experimental. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Enable libdrm-intel for ports architectures until plymouth is fixed to
    not need it unconditionally.
  - Move runtime libraries to /lib for plymouth.

47. By Robert Hooker on 2010-05-14

* Merge from debian experimental, remaining changes:
  - Dropped patches:
    02_fix_kms_detection_with_linux_backport_modules.diff - Obsolete
    03_revert_abi_change.diff - Obsolete
    04_git_nouveau_fix_sigsegv_in_nouveau_bo_new_tile.patch - Upstream
* Refresh libdrm-nouveau1 symbols

46. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-04-12

* debian/patches/04_git_nouveau_fix_sigsegv_in_nouveau_bo_new_tile.patch:
  + Cherry pick from upstream git. Fixes a segfault in libdrm_nouveau on
    X start for some cards (LP: #547124)

45. By Timo Aaltonen on 2010-02-19

libdrm-nouveau1.symbols: Add a missing symbol introduced in 2.4.18.

44. By Timo Aaltonen on 2010-02-19

* Merge from Debian unstable.
* Remove the nouveau patches, since they are included in this version.
* Add 03_revert_abi_change.diff to revert the nouveau ABI change.
  We need the old ABI until the kernel has been updated.

43. By Steve Langasek on 2010-02-18

Unapply patches in debian/patches from the source package.

42. By Steve Langasek on 2010-02-18

Move runtime libraries to /lib (needed by plymouth)

41. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-02-03

* Merge from Debian unstable. Previous merge was from the unreleased
  2.4.17-1 in pkg-xorg git. This merge picks up the finalised changelog
  and few extra changes. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  + rules, control, libdrm-nouveau1.symbols, libdrm-nouveau1.install:
    Enable libdrm_nouveau
* debian/control:
  + libdrm-dev: Only Depend on libdrm-nouveau1 on linux-any.
* debian/copyright:
  + Remove copyright section for no-longer-shipped add_libdrm-nouveau.patch.
* Add debian/patches/02_fix_kms_detection_with_linux_backport_modules.diff:
  + Add /sys/.../lbm-drm/ to search path for controlD* file, as well as
    /sys/.../drm/. linux-backport-modules-nouveau has the drm module renamed
    to lbm_drm to avoid conflicts with other modules' drm. This fixes
    drmCheckModesettingAvailable when using linux-backports-modules-nouveau.
* Add debian/patches/03_update_nouveau_defines_1.diff,
  + Patches taken from git. Update #defines in nouveau headers to make allow
    recent DDXs to build.
* Add debian/patches/06_nouveau_free_objects_on_channel_close.diff,
  + Patches taken from git. Fix a couple of memory leaks when freeing
* debian/libdrm-nouveau1.symbols:
  + Add new symbol added in 06_nouveau_free_objects_on_channel_close.
* Add debian/patches/08_nouveau_no_flush_notify_on_channel_free.diff:
  + Patch taken from git. Avoid calling flush_notify when part of the
    channel's context might be freed.
* Add debian/patchs/09_add_BEGIN_RING_NI.diff:
  + Patch taken from git. Add BEGIN_RING_NI inline to nouveau_pushbuf.h.
    Used in nv50 accel code.

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