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11. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

New upstream version, taken from new upstream subversion repository.

10. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild for OCaml 3.11.2 transition (LP: #527627).

9. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

Rebuild because the i386 had broken dependencies on neko.

8. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* Reinclude haxe-mode for Emacs, since the ftp-masters will not let me
  create a separate package.
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.3, no change.

7. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* New upstream version (CVS 2009-08-01).
* Removed obsolete parts of the copyright file now that ExtLib is
  not included anymore.
* Included patch for Ubuntu location of zlib, thanks to Alessio Treglia.
  (Closes: #533159)
* Removed haxe-mode to get it into its own package.
  (Closes: #521222)
* Included new commands in bash_completion.
* Removed obsolete Lintian overrides.
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.2, no change.

6. By Alessio Treglia

* debian/install_native.ml:
  - Update zlib search path to fix FTBFS.

5. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* New upstream version.
* Remove patch ocaml-3.11-compile.diff because it is included upstream.
* Bumped debhelper version to 7.
* Updated the haxe manpage.

4. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* Use ocamlfind to locate and use the libraries xml-light and extlib
  which already exist in Debian as separate packages.
  (Closes: #519630)
* Fixed compile error with camlp4 3.11, thanks to St├ęphane Glondu.
  (Closes: #519627)
* Use quilt instead of dpatch for patches, and describe how to use
  quilt in Debian.source (thanks to Russ Allbery).
* Added a Vcs-Hg control filed to indicate the location of the public
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.1.

3. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* Remove bashism in script.
  (Closes: #484390)
* Upgrade to Policy 3.8.0 by including a README.source explaining how to
  use dpatch.

2. By Jens Peter Secher <email address hidden>

* Fixed build failure on architectures without a native ocaml compiler.
* Added Tag field to control file to test Enrico Zini's
* Changed description to match that on haxe.org .

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