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170. By Martin Pitt

* Add 02_libhal_dont_check_running.patch: In libhal_ctx_init(), do not check
  if hal is already running, since it will get D-Bus activated. Thanks to
  Lionel Le Folgoc for the patch! (LP: #546992)
* Add 00git_bigger_path_size.patch: Bump HAL_PATH_MAX to 4096. Patch taken
  from upstream git head. (LP: #525245)

169. By Martin Pitt

Revert the previous change. We do not want any user to modify internal
system partitions without any authentication, it creates too much of a
security hole. Instead, the patch in kdelibs should be fixed, after all it
worked fine in karmic and earlier. (LP: #528907)

168. By Alessandro Ghersi

* Disable 10_nonpolkit-mount-policy.patch (LP: #528907)
  - We want allow users (and not only root) to mount storage devices

167. By Martin Pitt

Add 00git_probe-input_crash.patch: Fix crash in hald-probe-input.
(LP: #500723)

166. By Martin Pitt

* 10-x11-input.fdi, debian/rules: Do not install 10-x11-input.fdi any more,
  X.org uses udev now. This brings those parts back in sync with Debian.
* Change startup from init/upstart to D-Bus activation. This allows us
  having installed programs which still need hal without the need to start
  hal on boot:
  - Remove debian/hal.{init,upstart,default}.
  - Add D-Bus activation service file debian/org.freedesktop.Hal.service and
    install it in debian/hal.install.
  - debian/hal.postinst: Remove init/upstart/default/rc.d files on upgrade.
  - debian/hal.postinst: When triggering an .fdi file update, just stop
    hald; it will be reactivated when needed.
* debian/libhal1.symbols: Add new symbol from 0.5.14.

165. By Martin Pitt

* Merge with Debian svn head, which now has most of our changes. Remaining
  Ubuntu changes:
 - Enable support for X11 input hotplugging:
   + debian/rules: Do not remove 10-x11-input.fdi, we want to install it by
   + Drop 10-x11-input.fdi from debian/hal.examples, since we install
     it by default.
   This will soon be obsoleted by changing X.org to use udev-based input
   device detection.
 - Add support for smartdimmer backlight control for GeForce 7/8/9 based
   Sony laptops.
   + Add 04_nvidia_brightness.patch.
   + Add smartdimmer recommends.
 - debian/hal.postinst: Do not create plugdev and powerdev groups.
 - Add debian/hal.upstart: Supersedes init script.
* Disable 50_kfreebsd.patch for now; not used in Ubuntu, and does not
  currently apply.

164. By Colin Watson

debian/patches/04_nvidia_brightness.patch: Fix mismatched tags (LP:

163. By Martin Pitt

debian/hal.postinst: Drop polkit-auth call.

162. By Steve Langasek

60_upstream_backlight_actual_brightness.patch: pull fix from upstream to
read the current brightness value from the correct file under /sys.
LP: #372874.

161. By Martin Pitt

* Drop support for the obsolete policykit 0.9, so that we don't need to
  carry two stacks:
  - debian/control: Drop libpolkit-dev build dependency and policykit
  - Drop 10-no-polkit-policy-file-validate-check.patch, not necessary any
  - debian/rules: Configure with --disable-policykit.
  - Add 01_at_console.patch: Allow access to hal functions to local console
    users, in particular the ones which were allowed unauthorized access in
    policykit. Do not allow access to mounting internal storage devices;
    Kubuntu does not use it, and GNOME does not use hal at all.
  - debian/hal.manpages: Drop PK specific manpages which aren't built any
  - debian/hal.install: Drop installation of PolicyKit files.

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