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47. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-27

Let steps which come after the reload of CUPS in the post-install script
of the cups-driver-gutenprint binary package wait for the CUPS daemon
getting ready (LP: #647369).

46. By Matthias Klose on 2010-09-24

Be gentle with single-core machines, do not hard code `-j 16', use the
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=<n> value instead, if present.

45. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-21

debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/: Updated to pyppd 0.4.9, to suppress runtime
error tracebacks by putting a "try: ... except ...: pass" construct around
the main function call. This avoids SIGPIPE crashes when the execution of
the self-extracting compressed PPD file archives gets stopped by the
calling process (LP: #618017).

44. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-16

debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/ppd.py, debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/pyppd-ppdfile.in:
Let the compressed PPD archives not contain duplicate PPD URIs, even if the
lines reference the same PPD. Most printer setup tools cannot cope with
duplicate PPD URIs.

43. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-09

* debian/patches/generic-large-format-printers.dpatch: Use "Large Format"
  instead of "LF" in the names of the Generic PCL printers, this way users
  understand better what the difference between the entries is.
* debian/ijsgutenprint-ppds.postinst, debian/foomatic-db-gutenprint.postinst:
  Made PPDs of existing print queues also get correctly updated if they are
  affected by the model name change introduced by the patch.

42. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-03

debian/rules: Make bin/pyppd executable before calling it and create the
empty file pyppd/__init__.py. These properties are not conveyed by the
.diff.gz file.

41. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-31

* debian/control, debian/rules, debian/ijsgutenprint-ppds.postinst,
  debian/ijsgutenprint-ppds.install: Introduced the binary package
  ijsgutenprint-ppds. This package contains all PPDs which can be generated
  from the Foomatic XML database for ijsgutenprint in one compressed pyppd
  archive. This takes much less disk space than the XML database (1.1 MB vs.
  102 MB) and access (listing all PPDs, extracting the needed PPD) is also
  significantly faster.
* debian/local/pyppd/: Added pyppd scripts to generate compressed PPD
* debian/rules: debian/install-stamp rule was executed twice during build.
  Corrected it to avoid duplicate pre-build of the PPD files for

40. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-11

* New upstream release
   - Added support for Canon PIXMA MP360, MP370, MP390, MP510, MP970,
     Epson Artisan 50, EP-302, EP-702A, Stylus Photo P50, Stylus Pro 3800
     (experimental), 3880 (experimental), 4800, 4880, 11800, Stylus T59,
     T60, TX659.
   - Added also explicit support for many PCL-4/5/5e-based laser printers
     to have all such printers listed at OpenPrinting also be supported
     by Gutenprint (not that Gutenprint is usually not the best driver for
     these printers).
   - Fix for Epson Stylus S20, S21, T20, and T21 upstream now (LP: #576705).
   - Adjust printer definitions of EPSON Stylus Pro 7800 and 9800 to use
     Ultrachrome K3 inks.
   - Adjust the printer definitions of the Epson Stylus Pro 7880,
     9880, and 11880 to be consistent with new definition of 4880 and
     use Ultrachrome K3 w/Vivid Magenta ink.
   - Correct printing on Epson Stylus Pro printers (x600, x800, and
     x880 series) to position images correctly on the page and to
     correctly cut the print in roll feed mode.
   - Correct printer definitions of some Kyocera laser printers to
     specify tabloid-size (11.7x17) output.
   - Correct printer definition of Canon ImageRunner 330s (large
   - Add CD Allow Other Media Sizes option to Epson printers to
     permit printing to other media sizes when using third party
   - Correct the behavior of scan and page dry times for Epson Stylus
     Pro printers.
   - The Enhanced Print plugin for GIMP now allows printing very
     small images at their correct sizes.
   - A Finnish translation has been added.
* debian/patches/S20-S21-T20-T21-regression.dpatch: Removed backported
  upstream fix.

39. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-07-19

* Merge from debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - debian/control: Fix dependencies of the cups-driver-gutenprint binary
  - debian/rules: Build with "--enable-nls" in the "./configure" command
  - debian/local/apport-hook.py, debian/rules,
    debian/cups-driver-gutenprint.install: Added apport hook.
  - debian/cups-driver-gutenprint.postinst: Make failures of the updater
    for the PPD files of existing print queues for the CUPS Raster driver
  - debian/cups-driver-gutenprint.install: don't install
  - debian/patches/10_cups_modeldir.dpatch: place ppd files in
  - debian/control: Added transitional cupsys-driver-gutenprint package,
    easing the transition from hardy. Versioned Conflicts/Replaces.
  - debian/foomatic-db-gutenprint.postinst: automatically update the PPD
    files of existing CUPS queues which use the IJS driver.
  - debian/control: Added dependency on cups and cups-client to
    foomatic-db-gutenprint to assure that automatic PPD updates take
  - debian/cups-driver-gutenprint.postinst,
    debian/foomatic-db-gutenprint.postinst: Call CUPS command line
    clients (lpstat, lpadmin, ...) with "-h ..." option to assure local
    connections to be done even if a client.conf file points to a
    remote CUPS server, as this driver package only serves for the
    local CUPS and if the local machine tries to do changes onm a
    remote server, the CUPS clients ask for the remote server's password
  - debian/patches/20_device-id-support.dpatch: Added the suppport for
    providing printer device IDs in the generated PPD files. Taken from
    the upstream CVS repository of Gutenprint.
* debian/patches/S20-S21-T20-T21-regression.dpatch: Fix regression of
  Epson Stylus S20, S21, T20, and T21 not working any more (LP: #576705).

38. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-02-12

* New upstream release
   - Added support for EPSON PX 1001, Artisan 710, 810, Stylus Office
     B1100, T1100, T1110, ME Office 1100, WorkForce 310, 315, 610, 615,
     1100, Stylus Photo 1290s, PX650, PX700W, PX710W, PX800FW, PX810FW,
     S50, TX710W, TX800FW, TX810FW, Stylus NX115, NX215, NX415, NX515,
     S21, SX110, SX115, SX210, SX215, SX410, SX415, SX510W, SX515,
     SX600FW, SX610FW, SX615, SX650, T21, T26, T30, T40W, T50, TX110,
     TX210, TX300F, TX410, TX510FN, TX550W, TX610FW, TX615, TX650
   - Added Device ID strings to the generated PPDs for printers for which
     they are known.
   - Correctly handle installable options in PPD files in PostScript
     driver of the GIMP printing plugin.
   - Correctly handle certain PPD files that previously caused the
     PostScript driver (and hence the GIMP printing plugin) to
   - Changed a number of laser printers by Gestetner, Infotec,
     Lanier, NRG, Ricoh, Savin, and Xerox to be large format
     (A3/tabloid instead of A4/letter).
   - Made the QualityEnhancement option (available in the Epson
     driver for certain printers) function correctly.
   - Allowed Epson printers using Claria inks to select quadtone or
     hextone output.
   - Corrected escputil status output for Epson Artisan and TX/SX
     7xx/8xx printer families and for a number of the R-series
   - Added support for EA5 envelope (paper size).
   - Fixed the margins for the HP LaserJet 2100 and 2100M with A4
     paper. It is likely that other printers will need similar
   - Updated the German translation.
* debian/patches/20_device-id-support.dpatch: Removed, applied upstream.
* debian/patches/10_cups_modeldir.dpatch: Regenerated.
* debian/rules: We must request simplified CUPS Raster PPDs explicitly now,
  using "--enable-simplified-cups-ppds=yes" in the "./configure" command

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