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149. By Chris Coulson

* Fix LP: #646076 - gnome-display-properties: cannot save systemwide
  resolution. Ship /etc/gnome-settings-daemon/xrandr in the package
  - add debian/gnome-control-center.dirs
  - add debian/gnome-control-center.postrm

148. By Michael Terry

New upstream release.

147. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release:
  - Don't silently ignore errors when pkexec(1) fails (Kalev Lember)
  - Use translations from fprintd for finger ops (Bastien Nocera)
  - Updated translations
  - Add missing include to fix build (Vincent Untz)

146. By Chris Coulson

* Fix LP: #631217 - Don't pass an uninitialized GError to
  - update debian/patches/109_screen_resolution_extra.patch
* Install the gnome-display-properties-install-systemwide helper
  - update debian/gnome-control-center.install
* Don't try to apply the monitor configuration twice. Not only is this
  not necessary, but it also causes gnome-display-properties to assert
  the in apply() when applying the configuration for the second time,
  because the DBusGConnection already exists
  - update debian/patches/109_screen_resolution_extra.patch

145. By Didier Roche

[ Robert Ancell ]
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/92_git_correct_escaping.patch:
  - Applied upstream

[ Didier Roche ]
* Readd dropped debian/patches/113_at_properties_add_visual_bell.patch

144. By Mackenzie Morgan

* debian/patches/113_at_properties_add_visual_bell.patch
  - Add checkbox to enable visual system bell (LP: #491821)

143. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/92_git_correct_escaping.patch:
  - git commit to fix an escaping issue, thanks Daniel van Eeden (lp: #428642)

142. By Robert Ancell

* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes:
* debian/control.in:
  - Rename package from control-center to gnome-control-center
  - Build-depend on gnome-common to run autotools
  - Don't build-depend on type-handling (?)
  - Don't build-depend libxrandr-dev and libxrender-dev (?)
  - Don't build-depend on libslab-dev - we aren't using the slab
  - Build-depends on librsvg2-dev, libpango1.0-dev,
    libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev (?)
  - Build-depend on libappindicator-dev for application indicator patch
  - Add Vcs-Bzr link
  - gnome-control-center depends on ubuntu-system-service, gconf2-common
  - gnome-control-center recommends mousetweaks, iso-codes
  - gnome-control-center recommends screen-resolution-extra for
  - Tighten the deps between capplets-data and gnome-control-center as
    otherwise Glade / code mismatches can cause breakage: g-c-c depends on
    capplets-data >= source:Version, not just gnome:Version; capplets-data
    breaks g-c-c <x source:Version.
* debian/rules:
  - Run autotools on build
* debian/capplets-data.gconf_defaults:
  - Don't set a keycode for multimedia keys there, the corresponding schemas
    is in gnome-settings-daemon now and already has keysyms set
* debian/capplets-data.install:
  - Install visual effects images
  - Don't move the autostart to usr, that's a debian unilateral decision and
    should be discussed with upstream rather than distro changed
* debian/capplets-data.postinst:
  - Don't clean the moved file in etc since it's not moved in ubuntu
* debian/index.theme:
  - Drop the Debian specific Default theme entry, it's confusing
* debian/visual-effects_*.svg:
  - Icons for visual effects settings in appearance capplet
* debian/patches/01_remove_debian_default_applications.patch:
  - Remove the Debian entries from the default applications
* debian/patches/02_use_application_indicator.patch:
  - Use the lucid application indicator
* debian/patches/03_use_libunique.patch:
  - Use libunique so only one instance of the about-me capplet is opened
* debian/patches/04_keyboard_layout_gconf_names.patch:
  - keyboard: Fix layout gconf key initialization for empty variants.
* debian/patches/100_at_properties_readd_gksudo_disable_grab_toggle.patch:
  - No gksu/disable-grab option per gui in gnome-at-properties
* debian/patches/109_screen_resolution_extra.patch:
  - Automatically configure Virtual setting
* debian/patches/110_screen_resolution_package.patch:
  - Make it possible to use Synaptic to install screen-resolution-extra from
* debian/patches/111_screen_resolution_vendor_fallback.patch:
  - Fallback to vendor utilties if they are available and RR1.2 is not
    supported by the current driver
* debian/patches/112_banshee_in_media_dropdown.patch:
  - Update preferred applications xml file for banshee to use
    banshee-1 instead of banshee executable
* debian/patches/16_preferred_applications_list_cleanup.patch:
  - Don't list Mozilla commands which are compatibility symlinks
* debian/patches/50_ubuntu_systemwide_prefs.patch:
  - Ubuntu specific preferences
* debian/patches/51_ubuntu_system_keyboard.patch:
  - Implement the global keyboard spec at
* debian/patches/52_button_layout_from_theme.patch:
  - Enable themes to provide a prefered button layout option:
* debian/patches/80_aspect_in_dropdown.patch:
  - Add aspect ratio to display selection drop-down menu
* debian/patches/90_gnome-mouse-properties_small_screen.patch:
  - Add scrollbar on small screens in mouse properties
* debian/patches/91_gnome-about-me_small_screen.patch:
  - Add scrollbar on small screens in about me
* debian/patches/95_desktop-effects-integration.patch:
  - Add desktop effects tab to the appearance capplet
* debian/patches/96_hide_accessible_login.patch:
  - Remove the "Accessible Login" button from gnome-at-properties.
    All this does is launch gdmsetup, and the new version of this
    tool doesn't support changing accessibility settings.
* debian/patches/97_subpixel_hinting_defaults.patch:
  - Change the default hinting level for subpixel rendering from "Full" to
* 70_relibtoolize.patch:
  - Not required, autotools run in debian/rules
* debian/watch:
  - Watch for unstable versions

141. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream version (LP: #571244)
  - gnome-about-me: Don't hang when new and old password only differ in case

140. By Chris Coulson

* debian/patches/95_desktop-effects-integration.patch:
  - Updated to ensure that we don't call GTK functions outside of the
    GDK global lock. This fixes a deadlock caused by trying to
    recursively lock the GDK global lock (LP: #554106)

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