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31. By Steve Langasek

debian/patches-ft2demos/f2tdemos-grkey.patch: update to fix another
problem when building under gcc-4.5 that was overlooked in the previous
version of the patch. LP: #624740.

30. By Steve Langasek

* New upstream release
  - High urgency upload for RC security bugfix.
  - Corrects a stack overflow in the interpreter for CFF fonts
    (CVE-2010-1797). Closes: #592399.
  - drop debian/patches-freetype/opentype-missing-glyphs, included
* Update libfreetype6.symbols for two new functions.

29. By Steve Langasek

* debian/patches-freetype/opentype-missing-glyphs: fix from upstream for
  glyphs from OpenType fonts failing to render. Closes: #589256,
  LP: #605858.
* Medium-urgency upload to fix important regression.

28. By Steve Langasek

* New upstream release (closes: #572576).
  - fixes CVE-2010-2497, CVE-2010-2498, CVE-2010-2499, CVE-2010-2500,
    CVE-2010-2519, and CVE-2010-2520
  - high-urgency upload for security bugfixes.
  - drop debian/patches-freetype/freetype-bytecode-interpreter.patch and
    debian/patches-freetype/enable-full-bytecode-interpreter - the
    bytecode interpreter is now enabled by default upstream at last!
  - drop debian/patches-freetype/freetype-bdflib-large-encodings.patch and
    debian/patches-freetype/uninitialized-vars.patch, applied upstream.
  - drop debian/patches-freetype/331-hmtx-no-shorts.diff, implemented
    differently upstream.
  - new symbol FT_Library_SetLcdFilterWeights added to the symbols table,
    bump the shlibs.
  - fixes problem with outlines for some OpenType fonts. Closes; #583868.
* Add a debian/watch file - though we won't use it internally due to the
  multiple tarball issues.
* Begin to simplify debian/rules a little by trimming dead code.
* Don't set SHELL = /bin/bash in debian/rules, no bashisms found in
  the current package.
* debian/patches/ft2demos-grkey.patch: don't point grKEY() at an enum when
  it's being passed values that aren't defined in that enum, fixing a build
  failure with gcc 4.5. Thanks to Brian M. Carlson for the preliminary
  patch. Closes: #564989.
* docs/PATENTS no longer exists, so we don't install it.
* Add ${misc:Depends} substitutions to all packages, per lintian.
* Standards-Version to 3.8.4, no changes required.
* Clarify in debian/copyright that freetype can be used under GPLv2 or

27. By Mario Limonciello

Revert last change. I really did have a FTBFS that "looked" like this
was the cause, but it's actually something else that dropped it's
dependency on libfreetype6-dev.

26. By Mario Limonciello

* debian/libfreetype6.files:
  - Correct an extra period that was placed causing other packages to
    FTBFS when linking against freetype.

25. By Steve Langasek

* New upstream release
  - drop debian/patches-freetype/proper-armel-asm-declaration.patch and
    debian/patches-freetype/CVE-2009-0946.patch, applied upstream.
  - new symbol tt_cmap13_class_rec added to the symbols table, bump the

24. By Steve Langasek

* Pass proper --host/--build args to ./configure, to support
  cross-building. Closes: #465292.
* clean up a number of unused variables in debian/rules; maybe someday
  we'll get this package to converge on debhelper 7... :)
* Fix the doc-base section for libfreetype6-dev. Closes: #315845.
* Remove one final reference to /usr/X11R6 in debian/rules.
* Drop incorrect Replaces: freetype0, freetype1
* Add debian/README.source, documenting the madness that is this source
* Standards-Version to 3.8.0.
* Fix multiple integer overflows leading to arbitrary code execution
  or DoS (CVE-2009-0946; Closes: #524925). Thanks to Nico Golde for the

23. By Nico Golde <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload by the Security Team.
* Fix multiple integer overflows leading to arbitrary code execution
  or DoS (CVE-2009-0946; Closes: #524925).

22. By Colin Watson

No-change rebuild to fix lpia shared library dependencies.

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