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67. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-10-05

debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/ppd.py: Fixed PPD file list generated by the
compressed PPD file archive for the PostScript PPDs. The artificial
device IDs generated for PPDs without *1284DeviceID: entry lead to wrong
assumptions when system-config-printer selects the driver for a detected
printer (LP: #653814).

66. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-22

debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/: Updated to pyppd 0.4.9, to suppress runtime
error tracebacks by putting a "try: ... except ...: pass" construct around
the main function call. This avoids Apport pop-ups when the execution of the
self-extracting compressed PPD file archives gets stopped by the calling
process (LP: #618017).

65. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-15

debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/ppd.py, debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/pyppd-ppdfile.in:
Let the compressed PPD archives not contain duplicate PPD URIs, even if the
lines reference the same PPD. Most printer setup tools cannot cope with
duplicate PPD URIs.

64. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-15

* New upstream release
   - Update of all Ricoh and OEM PPD files by Ricoh, to introduce CMD:
     fields in the PPD's device IDs so that printer setup tools can select
     the PPDs by page description language (PCL or PostScript).

63. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-10

* New upstream release
   - Renamed the printers Toshiba GL-1010 and GL-1020 so that their
     names match the names in the manufacturer-supplied PPD files.

62. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-06

* New upstream release
   - Added Brother MFC-7840N/W printers (LP: #560518).
   - Added PCL driver support for all Sharp printers which were listed as
     only working via PostScript. For these printers PostScript is also
     an optional add-on and therefore one should be able to also set them
     up in PCL mode. The PCL mode will also be the recommended driver
     to assure that automatic setup of the printer works also if it has
     no PostScript module (LP: #378475).
* debian/patches/hl-2170w-pcl5e.patch: Removed patch with upstream fixes.

61. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-30

* debian/patches/hl-2170w-pcl5e.patch: Changed drivers for the Brother
  HL-2170W, the printer works only in the PCL-5e mode, not with PCL-XL
  (LP: #570027).
* debian/control, debian/rules, debian/foomatic-db-compressed-ppds.postinst:
  Introduced the binary package foomatic-db-compressed-ppds. This package
  contains all PPDs which can be generated from the Foomatic XML database
  in one compressed pyppd archive. This takes much less disk space than the
  XML database (600 kB vs. 18 MB) and access (listing all PPDs, extracting
  the needed PPD) is also significantly faster.

60. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-12

debian/control, debian/rules, debian/openprinting-ppds-extra.install,
debian/openprinting-ppds-extra.postinst, debian/openprinting-ppds.install:
Merged the binary packages openprinting-ppds and openprinting-ppds-extra.
The splitting was formerly introduced to save space on the Ubuntu Desktop
CD. The new PPD compression saves much more space and allows to put the
PPDs from openprinting-ppds-extra back onto the CD. So now the splitting
does nothing more than making maintenance of this package more complicated.

59. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-11

* debian/control: Added build and runtime dependencies for the PPD archiving
  and extracting.
* debian/rules: Let build process error out if PPD archiving errors out.

58. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-08-10

* debian/local/pyppd/pyppd/ppd.py: The PPD compressor did not parse the
  PPD correctly and confused ShortNickName and NickName, ending up with
  the PPD listing showing the ShortNickName entries and therefore being
  incompatible with the old uncompressed PPDs.
* debian/foomatic-db.links, debian/foomatic-db.dirs: Removed, the directory
  /usr/share/ppd/openprinting and the link to
  /usr/share/foomatic/db/source/PPD are not needed any more as there are no
  physical PPD files in the package.

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