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173. By Dave Walker

debian/eucalyptus-java-common.postinst: On upgrades from Lucid/10.04,
ensure eucalyptus is stopped before attempting to upgrade the database
schema. (LP: #649799)

172. By Dave Walker

* debian/eucalyptus-java-common.{pre|postinst}: Backup /usr/share/eucalytpus
  to enable the euca_upgrade script to be able to properly upgrade
  the components. (LP: #646100, #644759)
* debian/patches/07-local_support_euca_conf-in.patch:
  - Do not upgrade /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.local.conf as it shouldn't
    contain settings that require updating, and has the undesirable feature
    of disabling eucalyptus network settings. (LP: #644733)
  - Resolved removal of nodes from nodes.list when deregistering a node
    (LP: #640502)

171. By Dave Walker

debian/registration/uec_component_listener.c: Ignore IPv6 avahi broadcasts.
Both IPv4 and IPv6 broadcasts are dispatched from the components. A
registration attempt was therefore made for each. As IPv6 isn't supported
the processing when caught is now ignored. (LP: #627963, #628025)

170. By Dave Walker

* New upstream bug fix snapshot, -r1241
  - Fixes euca-* commands stop responding. (LP: #639639
  - Fixes metadata service returning 500 error. (LP: #637659)
* debian/patches/06-UEC-webinterface.patch: Improved cross
  browser compatability, particularly on the login screen.

169. By Dave Walker

debian/control: Bump Build-Depend on libavahi-* >= 0.6.27-2ubuntu3, as
the previous upload of avahi didn't resolve the issue. (LP: #636101)

168. By Dave Walker

* debian/eucalyptus-java-common.preinst: Move the cloud.d/scripts symlink
  to the backup location on upgrade from 10.04/Lucid. (LP: #636687)
* debian/control: Build-Depend on libavahi-* >= 0.6.27-2ubuntu2, as the
  earlier version dropped udeb shlibs. (LP: #636101)

167. By Dave Walker

[Dave Walker (Daviey)]
* New upstream stable release, -r1239 Fixes:
  - euca_conf --register-cluster is not idempotent. (LP: #628328)
  - unexpected errors after a sequence of tests (LP: #622818)
* debian/control:
  - Recommend bittorrent|bittornado for -walrus package, enabling S3
    bittorent API support. (LP: #613535)
  - Raise the minimum version of libvirt-bin needed to eucalyptus-nc.
* debian/eucalyptus-nc.postinst: Add eucalyptus user to the kvm group to
  enable user to utilise console logs. (LP: #619843)
* debian/patches/18-priv_security.patch: Added vgscan to util/wrappers.conf,
  as it requires escalated privileges. (LP: #628291)
* debian/patches/06-UEC-webinterface.patch (and 3 images): Updated and
  refreshed to better reflect Ubuntu branding. (LP: #631451)
* debian/patches/25-uec-logo-png.patch: Due to a bug in dpkg, we need to use
  a different filename for the logo.png.
* debian/eucalyptus-{java-,}common.{preinst,postinst}: Update the internal
  database and keys on upgrade from 10.04.

[Scott Moser]
* fix determination of 'is_multiboot'.

166. By Dave Walker

[Scott Moser]
* take the multiboot path only if kernel really is a multiboot
  image (LP: #622995)

[Dave Walker (Daviey)]
* debian/registration/{cluster,node,storage,walrus}: Added more verbose
  logging on failure, and state success/failure rather than just return code.
* debian/uec-component-listener.upstart: Added sleep, as it was starting too
  early; often causing registration failures. (LP: #622698)

[Clint Byrum]
* debian/rules debian/eucalyptus-common.install: Fixing munin plugin install
* Added README.Debian file to eucalyptus-common package to explain usage of
  munin plugin.

165. By Dustin Kirkland 

* New upstream snapshot, -r1233, fixes:
  - LP: #619970 - more robust Date: generation on NC

164. By Dustin Kirkland 

* New upstream snapshot, -r1232, bugs fixed by upstream:
  - LP: #610479 - remove spurious state update causing network index reuse
  - LP: #613033 - fix url patterns for installed but unused remote components

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