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18. By Stefano Rivera on 2010-10-06

adding debconf note to guide user post install (LP: #370994)

17. By Luigi Gangitano on 2010-08-24

[ Luigi Gangitano ]
* Urgency high due to security fixes

* New upstream release
  - Fixes multiple remote vulnerabilities (Closes: #592716)
    (Ref: SA-CORE-2010-002, CVE-TBA)

* debian/control
  - Bumped Standard-Version to, no change needed

16. By Luigi Gangitano on 2010-06-30

* debian/control
  - Removed dependency on exim4, now depends on default-mda (Closes: #587239)
  - Bumped Standard-Version to 3.9.0, no change needed

* debian/drupal6.postrm
  - Made postrm check for restart.sh in case dependencies were not properly
    installed (thanks to Bhavani Shankar.R, from Ubuntu)

15. By Clint Byrum on 2010-05-18

* Changing exim4 to default-mta (LP: #582255)
* made postrm check for restart.sh in case dependencies
  were not properly installed. (LP: #583576)

14. By Luigi Gangitano on 2010-03-12

[ Luigi Gangitano ]
* Urgency high due to security fixes

* New upstream release
  - Fixes multiple vulnerabilities (Closes: #572439)
    (Ref: SA-CORE-2010-001, CVE-TBA)

13. By Luigi Gangitano on 2010-01-11

* New upstream release (Closes: #561726)
  - Fixes several XSS vulnerabilities (Closes: #562165)
    (Ref: SA-CORE-2009-009, CVE-2009-4369, CVE-2009-4370, CVE-2009-4371)

* debian/rules
  - Use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k

* debian/control
  - Upgraded versioned dependency on debhelper to 7

* debian/README.source
  - Added directions on source handling

12. By Luigi Gangitano on 2009-09-20

* New upstream release
  - Removed security patches integrate upstream
    + 20_SA-CORE-2009-007
  - Fixes multiple vulnerabilities (Ref: SA-CORE-2009-008)
    (Closes: #547140)

* debian/control
  - Bumped Standard-Version to 3.8.3, no change needed

* debian/compat
  - Switch debhelper compatibility to 7

* debian/copyright
  - Added reference to copyright file with version

11. By Chuck Short on 2009-12-04

debian/control, debian/drupal6.postinst: Drop wwwconfig as we get it ready for main.

10. By Artur Rona on 2009-10-10

* debian/patches/21_SA-CORE-2009-008.dpatch:
  - Fixed security issues (session fixation),
    see SA-CORE-2009-008 (LP: #431080).
* debian/README.source: Added for silence lintian's warning.

9. By Nico Golde <email address hidden> on 2009-07-06

* Non-maintainer upload by the Security Team.
* Apply upstream patch to fix:
  - XSS in the forum module
  - Input format access bypass via signatures
  - Password leakage via URLs
  (no CVE id yet; SA-CORE-2009-007; Closes: #535435).

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