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17. By Michael Bienia


16. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version
  - boot and gdm "wallpaper" is not dithered (LP: #441210)

15. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version
  - Fix resolution setting to match desktop session after gdm (LP: #413348)
  - Fix top panel appearing above over xsplash (LP: #447084)
  - Fix broken logging (LP: #439268)

14. By Martin Pitt

debian/copyright: Update to new Canonical approved trademark clause, which
puts back a license (CC-BY-SA) to the artwork. (LP: #451263)

13. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version (LP: #446658)
  - watch for monitors-changed signal (LP: #413348)
  - set a blank cursor on the cow foreign window (LP: #432179)
  - setgid fixes (LP: #439268)
  - 16bpp depth fixes (LP: #423632)
* debian/patches/90_correctly-setuid.patch
  - Removed, merged upstream

12. By Kees Cook

* Add 90_correctly-setuid.patch to use setresuid() and test the return
  code (LP: #439272).
* Re-added dropped 0.8.1-0ubuntu2 changelog, removed now-upstreamed
  patch 60_slist-use-proper-var.patch.

11. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version (LP: #440048)
  - Fixes for dual screen setups (LP: #420225)
  - Updates for automake-1.11 (LP: #438837)
  - Use the correct filename for the extra large throbber (LP: #438856)
  - Use g_message() instead of g_debug() (LP: #438396)
  - fix the timeout option (LP: #438236)
  - Fix the position of the throbber (LP: #435114)

10. By Loïc Minier

* Include CDBS' simple-patchsys.
* New patch, 60_slist-use-proper-var.patch, use proper var when iterating
  linked list; fixes xsplash eating all CPU and not disappearing on boot;
  thanks Robbie Williamson; LP: #438458.

9. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version (LP: #430881)
  - add timeout cmd line option
  - fix xsplash_add_signal() so it can parse --add-signal multiple times
  - add --daemon option (LP: #429602)
  - Updated artwork
  - fixed bug where gnome-panel would sometimes appear on top of
    xsplash (LP: #427511)
* debian/control:
  - split artwork out into ubuntu-xsplash-artwork (LP: #430162)
  - Added Provides/Conflicts/Replaces for xsplash-artwork
  - Made xsplash depend on xsplash-artwork or ubuntu-xsplash-artwork
  - Made ubuntu-xsplash-artwork Conflict/Replaces xsplash (<< 0.8)
* debian/ubuntu-xsplash-artwork.copyright:
  - Update to CC-BY-SA 3.0 as per Canonical Ltd.'s (the copyright holder)
    decision. Add some explanatory text about the trademark policy.

8. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream version (LP: #427478)
  - show last frame in ping-pong mode, fix by Anders Kaseorg
  - configurable signals

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