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186. By Bryce Harrington

* Drop 117_fix_crash_with_createglyphset.patch
  - Dupe of patch 110
* Drop 03_fedora_glx_versioning.diff, 04_fedora_glx14-swrast.diff
  - These patches were brought in by Debian to provide glx 1.4 support
    which Fedora backported from xserver 1.8, however testing in
    Ubuntu showed they caused a crash when closing Clutter apps (#550218),
    and graphics corruption when opening windows. Dropping these patches
    returns us to GLX 1.2, which has been found to be stable; Debian has
    also dropped these two patches.
    (Fixes #565903).
* Drop 114_dri2_make_sure_x_drawable_exists.patch
  - This was an early attempt by upstream which fixed the aforementioned
    Clutter crash, but which introduced a memory leak.
    (Fixes #565981)

185. By Bryce Harrington

Update patches in previous upload to fix FTBS issue.

184. By Bryce Harrington

* Add several cherrypicks of fixes from upstream git tree which fix various
  issues and that look safe with low or no risk of regression.
  + 115_xext_fix_cursor_ref_counting.patch: Xext: Fix cursor reference
    counting hazard.
  + 116_fix_typos_in_swap_functions.patch: Fixes typos in several of the
    glxcmdsswap routines.
  + 117_fix_crash_with_createglyphset.patch: Fixes crash introduced in
    FindGlyphsByHash() if one client disconnects while a second is in
    the middle of doing certain Glyph operations.
  + 118_xkb_fix_garbage_init.patch: Fixes typo that can cause garbage
    bits to get appended on the xkbControlsNotify changedControls mask
    because it was uninitialized on the stack.

183. By Alexander Sack

add support for omapfb to 111_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch

182. By Bryce Harrington

[Bryce Harrington]
* Add 113_quell_nouveau_aiglx.patch: Don't emit error message about
  AIGLX on nouveau. 3D is not supported yet on -nouveau so this error
  message serves only to confuse bug reporters.
  (LP: #529590)

[Robert Sarvatt]
* Add 114_dri2_make_sure_x_drawable_exists.patch: Makes sure
  a corresponding X drawable exists before trying to use it, fixing
  xserver segfaults under DRI2 when closing down GLX apps.
  (LP: #550218)

181. By Timo Aaltonen

[ Timo Aaltonen ]
* Merge from Debian unstable. (LP: #546933)

[ Michael Casadevall ]
* Updated 111_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch to also add support for finding
  dovefb devices in addition to imx51 ones. (LP: #550701)

180. By Bryce Harrington

Extend 112_xaa-fbcomposite-fix-negative-size.patch to also correct a
mod() definition in the mi code which suffers the same flaw.

179. By Bryce Harrington

Add 112_xaa-fbcomposite-fix-negative-size.patch: Prevent 3rd-party
controllable Xorg crash/exploit when XAA and compositing is in use.
Be more careful in sign-changes with mod().
(LP: #551193)

178. By Bryce Harrington

[Timo Aaltonen]
* Merge from Debian unstable.
* Drop patch 107, included in Debian.
* Drop patch 108, included upstream.
* control: Drop the udeb, we don't need it for lucid.
* control: Relax/drop some build-deps caused by the udeb.

[Bryce Harrington]
* Add 110_findglyphbyhash-fix.patch from upstream to fix a sporadic
  crash in FindGlyphByHash.
  (LP: #401045)
* Renumber patch 201_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch to 111

177. By Alexander Sack

201_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch: use imx driver if available on
armel imx51 systems; the current test checks for mxc_gpu
devices listed in /sys/devices/platform and ensures that the
imx_drv module can be loaded; if both succeed, imx driver is
used instead of fbdev; note: the mxc_gpu device test should be
replaced with parsing output of /proc/fb once the mxc driver
provides reasonable content there.

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