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8. By Robert Ancell on 2010-03-12

* debian/patches/xdg-email-thunderbird.patch:
  - Strip trailing comma from end of attachment list

7. By Robert Ancell on 2010-02-15

* debian/patches/xdg-email-thunderbird.diff:
  - Make xdg-email attachments work with Thunderbird (LP: #515386)
* debian/patches/xdg-email-attachment-url-escape.diff:
  - Fix xdg-email attachment URL escape bug (LP: #408350)
* debian/control:
  - Add Vcs-Bzr link

6. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-01-20

* debian/postinst, debian/prerm:
  - don't create directories in /usr/local/ they are not required and trigger
    lot of stat calls in desktop applications looking for icons there

5. By Ben Hutchings on 2009-01-02

* Non-maintainer upload.
* debian/patches/fix-xdg-screensaver-race: Fix race condition which
  leads to process leak. Closes: #508125.

4. By Per Olofsson on 2008-06-06

debian/patches/run-mailcap.diff: Test $1 instead of $file which has
not been assigned yet. Fixes failure to open URLs other than file://
when xdg-open is called under a generic desktop environment
(regression in 1.0.2-5). Closes: #484602.

3. By Per Olofsson on 2006-10-22

* New upstream release.
  - Remove debian/patches/xdg-open-xfce, integrated upstream.
  - Remove debian/patches/xdg-icon-resource-check-for-cache,
    integrated upstream.
  - Remove debian/patches/no-tests-clean, integrated upstream.
* Update debian/watch.
* Added XS-X-Vcs-Git reference to repository in source control file.

2. By Per Olofsson on 2006-08-29

* New upstream release.
  - xdg-su is gone.
* Fix xfce support in xdg-open. Closes: #382836.
* Added debian/watch.
* Check for icon-theme.cache before running gtk-update-icon-cache. If we
  create a cache where none was, things will break for other packages.
* Disable tests-clean rule (does nasty things).
* Added postinst/prerm which create/remove the following directories in
  - /usr/local/share/applications
  - /usr/local/share/desktop-directories
  - /usr/local/share/icons
  - /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor
  - /usr/local/share/mime
  - /usr/local/share/mime/packages
* Recommend: shared-mime-info.

1. By Per Olofsson on 2006-08-29

Import upstream version 1.0~beta3

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