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28. By Micah Gersten on 2011-07-22

* SECURITY UPDATE: New upstream release to fix multiple security issues
  (LP: #814464)
  - CVE-2010-2901, CVE-2010-3812, CVE-2010-3813, CVE-2010-4040
  - CVE-2010-4197, CVE-2010-4198, CVE-2010-4199, CVE-2010-4204
  - CVE-2010-4206, CVE-2010-4492, CVE-2010-4493, CVE-2010-4577
  - CVE-2010-4578, CVE-2011-0482, CVE-2011-0778
* Add patches from Debian for the following CVEs; Thanks to Michael Gilbert
  - CVE-2010-1824, CVE-2010-2646, CVE-2010-2651, CVE-2010-2900
  - CVE-2010-3120, CVE-2010-3254, CVE-2010-4042
* Add patches from Debian to fix broken functionality and a crash; Thanks to
  Gustavo Noronha Silva
  - add debian/patches/07-fix-bad-merge-that-broke-gifs.patch
  - add debian/patches/08-fix-crash-for-big-shadowed-areas.patch

27. By Marc Deslauriers on 2010-10-13

* SECURITY UPDATE: Rebuilt new stable release 1.2.5 for lucid to fix
  multiple security issues. (LP: #660075)
   - CVE-2010-1386, CVE-2010-1392, CVE-2010-1405, CVE-2010-1407
   - CVE-2010-1412, CVE-2010-1416, CVE-2010-1417, CVE-2010-1418
   - CVE-2010-1419, CVE-2010-1421, CVE-2010-1422, CVE-2010-1501
   - CVE-2010-1664, CVE-2010-1665, CVE-2010-1758, CVE-2010-1759
   - CVE-2010-1760, CVE-2010-1761, CVE-2010-1762, CVE-2010-1767
   - CVE-2010-1770, CVE-2010-1771, CVE-2010-1772, CVE-2010-1773
   - CVE-2010-1774, CVE-2010-1780, CVE-2010-1781, CVE-2010-1782
   - CVE-2010-1783, CVE-2010-1784, CVE-2010-1785, CVE-2010-1786
   - CVE-2010-1787, CVE-2010-1788, CVE-2010-1790, CVE-2010-1792
   - CVE-2010-1793, CVE-2010-1807, CVE-2010-1812, CVE-2010-1814
   - CVE-2010-1815, CVE-2010-2264, CVE-2010-2647, CVE-2010-2648
   - CVE-2010-3113, CVE-2010-3114, CVE-2010-3115, CVE-2010-3116
   - CVE-2010-3248, CVE-2010-3257, CVE-2010-3259
* debian/patches/ubuntu-gir-version.patch: removed for lucid
* debian/control: add gir-repository-dev back to build-depends for lucid

26. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-04-07

New upstream release - this is the first release in the 1.2 stable

25. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-03-17

* New upstream release
- This marks the preparation for the 1.2 stable branch
* debian/copyright:
- updated with changes since 1.1.22
* debian/libwebkit-1.0-2.symbols:
- added new API introduced in 1.1.23

24. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-02-16

* New upstream release
- Fixes crash with unknown content types in data:// URIs
  (Closes: #563695)
- Sends Accept header for sub resources, which makes a few sites become
  happy again (Closes: #563736)
* debian/copyright:
- updated with changes since 1.1.21
* debian/control:
- replace gobject-introspection-repository, to avoid failures on upgrade
  (Closes: #563312)

23. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-02-15

* debian/control:
- Build-Depend on soup 2.29.90; WebKitGTK+'s configure system checks for
  this version to enable cookie policy-related features, and we want
  those on for sure
* Import patch from upstream to fix crash when returning to a cached page
  which has data: uris, and is in the page cache (Closes: #569950)

22. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-02-10

* New upstream release
- imported a number of fixes to the scrolling code that made navigating
  the history crashy with page cache enabled (Closes: #569072)
* debian/copyright:
- updated with changes since 1.1.20.
* debian/libwebkit-1.0-2.symbols:
- added a symbol that was added in 1.1.21.

21. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-02-04

* New upstream release
* debian/copyright:
- Updated with changes since 1.1.19.

20. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-01-20

* New upstream release
- Fixes crashes related to clearing the clipboard, which many users were
  experiencing (Closes: #565166)

19. By Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2010-01-06

* New upstream release
- adds basic Content-Encoding support, thanks to soup
  (Closes: #529271)
- fixes over-advertising content types as supported by
  the media player (Closes: #559420)
* debian/control:
- updated libsoup build requirement (>= 2.28.2)
* debian/libwebkit-1.0-2.symbols:
- updated with new symbols
* debian/copyright:
- updated information since 1.1.17
* Imported patch from https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30623
- I am shipping this patch because I believe it is correct, it is the
  way to go, it fixes a race, and it needs testing.

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