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275. By Michael Vogt

* DistUpgrade/removal_blacklist.cfg:
  - remove gobuntu-desktop from the removal blacklist (LP: #567189)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg, DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg.hardy:
  - ensure that mysql-{server, client} are properly upgraded
    (LP: #568606)

274. By Michael Vogt

fix FTBFS caused by /usr/bin/check-new-release being a symlink
instead of a real file

273. By Michael Vogt

* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeAufs.py:
  - fix crash in aufs (--sandbox mode)

272. By Michael Vogt

* DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg, DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg.hardy:
  - do not enable apport anymore
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeViewGtk.py:
  - set empty dialog titles for error/information dialogs (it looks
    like glade removed those for some reason from the .ui file)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeAufs.py:
  - fix crash if aufs (--sandbox mode) is used (LP: #562394)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeMain.py:
  - fix generation of system state file for non-existing dirs/files
    (LP: #561872)
* UpdateManager/UpdateManager.py:
  - provide a LIST_TOGGLE_CHECKED column as a workaround for orca
    that does not work with values updated via
    column_install.set_cell_data_func (LP: #561563)
* update-manager:
  - use gettext.install(unicode=True) to avoid breaking with
    optparse and ja.po (LP: #557804)

271. By Michael Vogt

* do-release-upgrade:
  - print when a new release is available in "-q" so that the motd
    is correct (thanks to Dustin Kirkland)
* debian/release-upgrade-motd:
  - add newline after release info (thanks to Dustin Kirkland)

270. By Michael Vogt

* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeMain.py:
  - ignore lspci errors
* UpdateManager/Core/MyCache.py:
  - simplify url schema for third party changelogs (LP: #45129)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeCache.py:
  - check if the kernel returned from base-installer is downloadable
    (needed on hardy cdrom only upgrades)
* debian/91-release-upgrade:
  - use a small script instead of a symlink to ensure that dpkg
    treats them as conffiles (LP: #559194)

269. By Michael Vogt

* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeController.py:
  - honor "DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive" on pkg failure (LP: #538206)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeQuirks.py:
  - stop apparmor before dpkg starts on hardy -> lucid upgrades to
    avoid potentially confusing error messages during the upgrade
    (LP: #559433)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeCache.py, DistUpgrade/build-tarball.sh:
  - include obselte nvidia pkgnames to properly transition old
    to new drivers (LP: #553369)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeViewText.py:
  - show packages that will be removed (because they were auto installed)
    as well (LP: #558438)
  - fix i18n bug in details output
* UpdateManager/Core/MyCache.py:
  - support third party changelogs by using ArchiveURI() and
    append a similar structure as changelogs.ubuntu.com uses
    (LP: #45129)
* UpdateManager/Core/MetaRelease.py:
  - do not crash if meta-release file can not be parsed, just remove
    the broken file instead (LP: #558396)

268. By Michael Vogt

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* Bump up the amount of /boot space calculated per kernel. The current
  value appears to undercount by about 260K/kernel. (LP: #132311)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* refresh translations from launchpad
* update "10.04" strings to "10.04 LTS" and unfuzzy translations
* when requesting the release announcement, append ?lang=current_lang
  to the request URI
* update quirks for updates from hardy
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg, DistUpgrade/DistUpgrade.cfg.hardy:
  - add extra protection against video driver removal (LP: #556629)
* DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeMain.py:
  - improve logging and save system state before performing the
    upgrade. Suggested by Matt Zimmerman (LP: #551646)

267. By Michael Vogt

* UpdateManager/GtkProgress.py:
  - remove window title on cache progress (LP: #549936)
* check-new-release-gtk:
  - if no ReleaseNotesHtml key is found, do nothing (it means the
    meta-release file does not support this client)
* check-new-release-gtk, UpdateManager/Core/MetaRelease.py:
  - improve debugging
* UpdateManager/Core/utils.py:
  - add META_RELEASE_FAKE_CODENAME environment that can be used to
    test/force release upgrades
* check-new-release-gtk:
  - append language parameter to uri
  - support --debug

266. By Michael Vogt

help upgrade by hinting usplash gets removed in favor of

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