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28. By Matthias Klose

Don't build the docs on armel, works around build failure.

27. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* debian/control: Add ${misc:Depends}.
* Updated it translation. Thanks to Vincenzo Campanella.
* Updated zh_CN translation. Thanks to Ji ZhengYu.
* Updated de translattion (Closes: #563818). Thanks to Holger
* Updated bash completion script (Closes: #519745). Thanks to
  Tim Abbott.
* Use boost::filesystem for portable directory iteration,
  removing existing path length restrictions (Closes: #520781).

26. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream development release.
* schroot:
  - Return success when ending a session and the operation
    succeeded (Closes: #554907).

25. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* Detect and link against new versions of the Boost C++ libraries.

24. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* Compile and link with POSIX thread support (Closes: #520713).
  libstdc++ std::tr1::shared_ptr does not appear to work
  correctly on Alpha without -pthread, failing during shared_ptr
  construction or assignment due to an failed internal glibc
  assertion while locking a pthread mutex.

23. By Steve Kowalik

Revert previous change, build with -O2 everywhere. (LP: #308834)

22. By Steve Kowalik

Build with -O0 on armel to work around an ICE.

21. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* debian/control:
  - Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.8.0.
  - Don't Build-Depend upon -1 Debian revisions.
* po:
  - Update eu translation (Closes: #479498). Thanks to Piarres Beobide.
  - Update fr translation (Closes: #481648). Thanks to Nicolas François.
  - Update pt translation (Closes: #480640). Thanks to Pedro Ribeiro.
  - Update vi translation (Closes: #479750). Thanks to Clytie Siddall.
  - Add zh_CN translation (Closes: #480174). Thanks to LI Daobing (李道兵).
  - Update zh_CN translation. Thanks to Ji ZhengYu.
* sbuild/sbuild-lock.cc: Order of "struct flock" members is not assumed,
  for GNU/kFreeBSD portability (Closes: #485637). Thanks to Petr
* schroot.1.in, schroot.conf.5.in: Document /etc/schroot/chroot.d
  (Closes: #487588).
* setup/10mount: Don't clear mount options for LVM snapshots
  (Closes: #488726).
* New "loopback" chroot type allows loopback mounting of files
  (Closes: #475515).

20. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* Add eu translation (Closes: #462164).
* Updated pt translation (Closes: #464053).
* debian/control:
  - libsbuild-dev is in section libdevel.
  - Add libboost-filesystem-dev to Build-Depends.
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3.
* debian/libsbuild-doc.doc-base: Use section Programming/C++
* Setup and exec scripts check for existence and validity of
  script-config file options, as well as script-config itself, and exit with
  an error status and message if incorrect (Closes: #462680).
* Reading the configuration no longer uses O_NOFOLLOW (Closes: #476332).
  Thanks to Timothy G Abbott.
* sbuild/sbuild-util.h: Add missing typecast to fix FTBFS on
  GNU/kFreeBSD (Closes: #465972). Thanks to Petr Salinger.
* Building with G++ 4.3 now works (Closes: #467457).
* dchroot.1 manual page no longer specifies -d as a short option for
  directory; this is only used for --preserve-environment
  (Closes: #476815).
* schroot-mount now creates the mountpoint is not existent
  (Closes: #469038). Many thanks to Kees Cook for this patch.

19. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream development release.
* Acknowledge NMU. Thanks to Lucas Nussbaum for fixing the Boost
  library names following another incompatible change in Boost
  (Closes: #439215).
* debian/control: Suggest lvm2 instead of lvm-common (Closes: #452263).
* debian/copyright:
  - Update with new GIT source code repository location.
  - Update licence to GPLv3.
* debian/schroot.init: Update licence to GPLv3.
* bin/schroot/setup/20network, bin/schroot/setup/30passwd: For files to
  copy, compare file device, inode and contents to avoid copying
  identical files (Closes: #428808).
* If unknown keys are present in the configuration file, print a warning
  message to alert the user (Closes: #459658).
* The filesystems to mount in the chroot may be customised by the system
  administrator through the use of an fstab file on a per-chroot basis,
  and a new helper utility, schroot-mount (Closes: #395062, #427047).
  Thanks for your patience while we took the time to implement this the
  right way.
* Update Vietnamese translation (Closes: #461531). Thanks to Clytie
* debian/schroot.preinst: Add rm_conffile function to remove
  /etc/schroot/setup.d/20network and /etc/schroot/setup.d/30passwd for
  versions prior to this. These are replaced by
* debian/schroot.NEWS: Document conffile changes.

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