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120. By Daniel T Chen

0096-lp451635-handle-dove-x0-line-hp-swap.patch: Make the connector
work as intended: if 'Analog Output' is selected in the dropdown,
then 'Line HP Swap' is muted; if 'Analog Headphones' is selected,
then 'Line HP Swap' is unmuted. This better fits existing speaker
semantics and actually works. Many thanks to Tobin Davis for
helping chase this one. Really closes (LP: #451635)

119. By Daniel T Chen

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* 0093-backport-fixes-stable-queue-head.patch: Backport the following
  changesets from the stable-queue branch:
  + a7c1778 (don't pick monitor sources automatically for role-based
             device selection).
  + e8b83fa (handle asyncns failure when IPv6 is not supported in the
* 0096-lp453966-handle-digmic-pt2.patch: Raise the priority of the
  'Digital Mic 1' digital input source for newer Dell laptops.
  (LP: #453966)
* 0096-lp451635-handle-dove-x0-line-hp-swap.patch: Add 'Line HP Swap'
  to the Headphone profile. (LP: #451635)
* debian/control: Update Vcs-Bzr to point to new branch that uses pack
  repo format 2a.

118. By Daniel T Chen

* debian/pulseaudio.init: Remove udev from Required-* LSB headers
  (LP: #432301)
* debian/patches/:
  + 0095-cve-2009-1299.patch: Fix insecure temporary file creation;
    pulled from upstream stable-queue d3efa43; CVE-2009-1299.
    (LP: #509008)
  + 0096-lp533877-handle-digmic.patch: Prefer the built-in digital
    mic on newer Dells, e.g., XPS 1330. (LP: #533877)
  + 0097-regenerate-configure.patch: Apply changes from stable-queue
    f9b31fe (gobject linking) and d3efa43 above.

117. By Daniel T Chen

* 0093-backport-fixes-stable-queue-head.patch: Backport the following
  changesets from the stable-queue branch:
  + 522c44 (strip spaces from ALSA card/pcm names)
  + 195069 (use pa_strip())
  + dd682d (reset max_rewind/max_request in sink while suspending)
  + 30f28e (fix wrong counters by using pa_memblockq_pop_missing() for
    all request handling)
  + 0d1154 (rework how stream volumes affect sink volumes)

116. By Daniel T Chen

* 0093-backport-fixes-stable-queue-head.patch: Backport the following
  changesets from the stable-queue branch:
  + dfe27f (don't complain about missing SHM segments)
  + 5ce18c (fix definition of INVALID_INDEX for vala)
  + 6bbdd2 (fix definition of the GLib mainloop adapter for vala)
  + 3f44bf (Use "Subwoofer" in channelmap)
  + 117c99 (fix wrapping of port setting calls for vala)
  + ddabaa (explicitly mention 'test' role in proplist)
  + 8adf53 (increase verboseness when not restoring sink)
  + 180589 (use sample name for unmodified fallback)
  + f9b957 (don't queue cached sample when sink is suspended)
  + b2e9fb (pass buffer_attr to recording streams)
  + a469d4 (make devices resume for corked state to fix latency
    miscalculation) (LP: #511558)
  + 4a3210 (improve buffer_attrs logging)
* 0094-add-missing-mixer-paths-and-rerun-automake.patch has been
  merged upstream (047e16f in the stable-queue branch), but we'll continue to
  carry it until the next stable tarball is rolled.

115. By Daniel T Chen

* Back out 307bd1 until we can roll a new tarball. Applying it to the
  current source package requires all sorts of nasty hacks.
  (LP: #523716)
* Drop 0094-autoconf.patch, as it's no longer needed

114. By Daniel T Chen

* debian/control: Since JACK has been approved for promotion back into
  main, add its packages
* 0093-backport-fixes-stable-queue-head.patch: Backport the following
  changesets from the stable-queue branch:
  + 19fa81 (always fulfill write requests from the server)
  + 96ec29 (store away fd type for pacmd)
  + 6e064d (don't enter busy loop when reading from stdin very early)

113. By Daniel T Chen

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* pulseaudio.default: More clearly describe the conditions for
  autospawn to function correctly given the recent login-speedup work.
  (As a side effect, it now also lists what one needs to do to disable
* 0093-backport-fixes-stable-queue-head.patch: Backport the following
  changesets from the stable-queue branch:
  + a631be (PA_SINK_INPUT_IS_LINKED typo fix)
  + e8cb96 ('Desktop Speaker' handling)
  + 7d6bab ('Shared Mic/Line in', 'Analog Source' handling)
  + 0c836a ('Internal Mic' handling)
  + 307bd1 (default output port names)
  + f9b31f (gobject explicit linking)
  + ff2474 (padsp handling of /dev/audio)
  + 96592c (dbus timeout callback timer fix)
  + 5e2af2 (logging of eventfd read failures)
* 0094-autoconf.patch: Rerun autoconf given explicit gobject link
  addition; readd version string.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* 0092-delay-gnome-autostart.patch: Push it out a little further; the X11
  bell is not crucial at desktop startup, and it keeps other programs from
  doing more urgent initialization.

112. By Martin Pitt

* Add bzr-builddeb configuration (merge mode).
* debian/control: Prefix the Debian git Vcs-* fields with XS-Debian-*, so
  that debcheckout on Ubuntu will actually work.
* Add 0092-delay-gnome-autostart.patch: Delay applet startup by two seconds,
  so that pulseaudio has started up enough to avoid starting it a second
  time through autospawn.

111. By Daniel T Chen

debian/01PulseAudio: Break from state (re)store in the correct

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