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117. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* drop patch superseded upstream
  - delete debian/patches/0001-core-make-sure-device-interfaces-are-up-before-ip4-c.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* Recommend network-manager-pptp. It's at least useful for some DSL users.
  See LP: 107738.
  - update debian/control

116. By Jonathan Riddell

Add network-manager-kde as option for network-manager recommends

115. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* upstream 0.8 release
  - backends: add backend for Pardus
  - libnm-util: fix NMDeviceBt hardware address property
  - core: ensure failed /etc/hosts update writes out well-formatted file (LP: #471498)
  - netlink: work around kernel cache refill problems
  - keyfile: add IPv6 support (bgo #593814)
  - libnm-util: add IPv6 comparison functions
  - crypto: de-init NSS after calling PR_GetError()
  - policy: fall back to original hostname before trying reverse DNS
  - policy: be more selective when adding hostname to /etc/hosts (debian #567411)
  - ifupdown: interpret allow-hotplug as autoconnect (debian #568784)
  - gsm: handle PIN requests during modem enable too (bgo #609197)
  - modem: ignore Enabled property changes while activating
  - ifupdown: don't tell NM about connections until we check 'managed' (LP: #450458)

114. By Tony Espy

* upstream snapshot 2009-11-12 01:22:59 (GMT)
  + 420ea0220c29a45337e239e4c53250a6989160a3
  - ppp: allow update of ppp secrets in all ACTIVATING stages (LP: #432205)
  - core: validate pidfile and quit early if NM is already running (rh #517362)
  - core: preserve wifi and networking enabled/disabled states (bgo #582447)
  - libnm-util: don't allow blank or NULL VPN items or secrets (rh #532084)

* upstream 0.8-rc1 release
  - libnm-util: client cert shouldn't be required to set priv key (bgo #585570)
  - wifi: poll rfkill status for ipw2x00 devices
  - ppp: increase PPPoE pppd timeout to 30 seconds (debug)
  - wifi: don't allow scan requests when associating
  - wifi: ensure wifi devices are enabled on wakeup if not rfkilled
  - libnm-util: handle PEM files without ending newline (rh #507315)
  - system-settings: cache secrets to protect against nm_connection_clear_secrets
  - dnsmasq: VPN DNS fixes (LP #389006)
  - system-settings: fix crash when deleting wired connections
  - modem: subsitute known-good nameservers if PPP doesn't return any (LP: #434477)
  - core: clear invalid tag on failed connections when sleeping (LP: #456362)
  - wwan: unable to bring up mobile-broadband system connection (LP: #483773)
  - 8021x: fixed problems with invalid connection / client-certs (LP: #245184)

* upstream 0.8-rc2 release
  - po: update italian translation (bgo #595673)
  - core: fix error when parsing state file for WirelessEnabled fails
  - libnm-util: fix potential crash when encrypting fails
  - modem: ensure deactivation on disable only happens on disable
  - modem: ensure device is deactivated if the modem is disabled
    underneath NM
  - modem: enable modem before connecting if required
  - libnm-glib: add WWAN enable/disable support
  - manager: add WWAN enable/disable support
  - modem: proxy the ModemManager Enabled property
  - manager: generalize rfkill operations
  - core: add statefile support for WWAN devices
  - udev: add support for other types of rfkill switches
  - core: generalize interface for enabling/disabling devices
  - modem: fix enable/disable/disconnect flow
  - system-settings: Fix using hostname from DHCP
  - libnm-util: client certificate should not be required to set
    private key (bgo #585570)

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* allow daily builds to be filed against ubuntu bug system;
  to allow this we add report['CrashDB'] = 'ubuntu' to the apport
  - update debian/source_network-manager.py
* attach list of system-connection configuration files in apport hook
  - update debian/source_network-manager.py

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* updated pkcs11 smartcard patch
  - updated debian/patches/lp120363_smartcard_pkcs11.patch
* updated signals patch for apport
  - updated debian/patches/70_lp145653_no_sigaction_for_crashes.patch
* add new nm_setting_olpc_mesh_new symbol to libnm-util1.symbols
  - update debian/libnm-util1.symbols
* add new nm_client_wwan* symbols to libnm-glib2.symbols
  - update libnm-glib2.symbols

[ Tony Espy <email address hidden> ]
* add logic to map '~rc' versions to '-rc' tag format used upstream. This
  allows the upstream tags to be used, while managing to keep the version
  numbers less than the final release version.
  - update debian/rules

113. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot 2009-10-13 19:32:06 (GMT)
  + 679d548e09a0b58815ca62989627d00e7b8c7d96
  - ppp: add minimal debugging output to the ppp plugin
  - system-settings: fix crash saving default wired connections to backing storage (LP: #435029)
  - sharing: fix sharing after 715ddd2045cf786e6c80e6d3d8617fe70ad24552 (LP: #444756)
  - vpn: clear secrets when the connection fails
* drop iptables-dev dependency and explicitly set
  --with-iptables=/sbin/iptables for configure
  - update debian/control
  - update debian/rules
* fix LP: #366525 - network-manager should recommend iptables
  - update debian/control

112. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* add build-dep on iptables-dev
  - update debian/control

111. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot 2009-10-05 19:23:03 (GMT)
  + 1d28ad1aa54bacf6b6b64582ee7c41d9728d7304
* fixed upstream
  - LP: #413622 - Network manager does not unmanage devices configured as
    "mapping" in /etc/network/interfaces
  - LP: #413967 - Network manager does not connect wlan0 on startup
  - LP: #417719 - Disconnected static wired network initially treated as
  - LP: #422597 - 802.11x fails for wired connections (wireless works)
  - LP: #438771 - Creating a wireless or DSL connection fails with
    "Error editing connection: property '%s' / '%s' invalid: %d"
  - LP: #443423 - Connection properties are not stored
  - LP: #439221 - cannot create wireless Wpa & Wpa2 connection with GUI
  - LP: #441668 - network-manager does not save modifications on GSM
  - LP: #438454 - NetworkManager fails to set IP and route information entered

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* updated pkcs11 smartcard patch
  - updated debian/patches/lp120363_smartcard_pkcs11.patch
* add new 802.1x symbols to libnm-util1.symbols
  - update debian/libnm-util1.symbols

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* drop cherry-pick now applied upstream
  - delete debian/patches/lp436884.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* extend apport hook to also append /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf
  - update debian/source_network-manager.py

110. By Alexander Sack

* fix LP: #436884 - wireless secrets dont work in karmic; we
  cherry-pick a one-line git commit that makes the GetSecrets
  call use the right dbus proxy.
  - add debian/patches/lp436884.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

109. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot 2009-09-23 06:44:45 (GMT)
  + b20cef2e1beae61cb2335edb8cb0aa3932facd54
* drop patches superseded upstream
  - delete debian/patches/lp303142_more_time_for_manual_registration.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* adjust .symbols files for changed vpn ABI/API
  - update debian/libnm-glib2.symbols
* fix wrong file location: network-manager.prerm => debian/network-manager.prerm

108. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

LP: #430878
* debian/rules: We never previously started or restarted network manager
  on install or upgrade, and instead flagged a reboot. So we need a
  --noscripts for dh_installinit to stop that happening with Upstart
  (didn't need this before because the init script was never installed
   with dh_installinit)
* debian/network-manager.prerm: Restore, just stop N-M using "stop"

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