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19. By Marc Deslauriers on 2012-02-17

* SECURITY UPDATE: credential disclosure via incorrect permissions
  (LP: #783405)
  - debian/patches/0004-set-file-permissions.patch: Set restrictive
    permissions on data files.
  - CVE-2012-0863

18. By Felix Geyer on 2011-01-20

* SECURITY UPDATE: /etc/mumble-server.ini is world readable. (LP: #704674)
  - debian/mumble-server.postinst: Set permissions of mumble-server.ini to
    0640 and the owner to root:mumble-server.

17. By Onkar Shinde on 2010-02-26

No change rebuild against latest libcelt.

16. By Thorvald Natvig <email address hidden> on 2010-02-09

* New upstream release.
* Remove DM-Upload-Allowed, all uploaders are now DD. (Yay!)
* Fix my email address in Uploaders:
* Move mumble-server's Recommends: of mumble-server-web to Suggests: and
  remove the Suggests: of mumble.
* Remove cgi config in mumble-server-web.conf as we no longer ship cgi

15. By Thorvald Natvig on 2010-01-19

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* Remove 'ulimit -r' support from defaults and initscript; it's bash-only.
* Remove debconf for emailfrom, it's been deprecated in the 1.2.x series.
* Add debconf for use_capabilities; it is needed on servers with load.
* Add support for upcoming libcelt0-0.

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Change my odd email address in po/de.po.
* Build depend on libcap-dev instead of libcap2-dev.

[ Debian l10n ]
* Updated swedish translation from Martin Bagge.
  Closes: #564780
* Updated finnish translation from Esko Arajärvi.
  Closes: #564744
* Updated russian translation from Yuri Kozlov.
  Closes: #564737
* Updated german translation from Thomas Mueller.
  Closes: #564932
* Updated Japanese translation from Masayuki Hamasaki.
* Updated portuguese translation from Américo Monteiro.
  Closes: #565612
* Updated czech translation from Miroslav Kure.
  Closes: #565880

14. By Thorvald Natvig on 2010-01-09

Fix upgrade failure when upgrading mumble-server directly from 1.1.x
to 1.2.1

13. By Thorvald Natvig on 2009-12-10

New upstream release.

12. By Scott Kitterman on 2009-12-19

No change rebuild due to qt4-x11 BIC change between Beta and RC
(LP: #488252)

11. By Thorvald Natvig on 2009-11-11

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Do not build with missing libcap2-dev on kfreebsd-*.
* Merge 1.1.8-3 and 1.1.8-4 changelog.
* Merge remaining changes from the 1.1.8 branch.
* Also install the menu icon for the mumble-11x package.
* Extend the long description of the mumble-11x package. Thanks lintian.

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* New upstream beta release.
* Update get-orig-source.
* Update dependencies.
* Let the qmake script find the celt/speex libraries on its own.

10. By Thorvald Natvig on 2009-08-16

* Backport ALSA and PulseAudio modules from 1.2.0 git, makes them work with
  modern releases of these sound systems.
* Standards-version 3.8.3
* Remove dh_desktop

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