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6. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild for OCaml 3.11.2 transition (LP: #527627).

5. By Paul Wise (Debian)

* Move extc changes to new extc-fixes.patch and add Hurd support to it
* Support nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
* Bump Standards-Version

4. By Paul Wise (Debian)

* New upstream release
  - drop 03_flashlite_compat.patch, included upstream
* Fix FTBFS with dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) (Closes: #485252)
* Wrap the Build-Depends in debian/control
* Move homepage to the new field
* Bump debhelper compat level to 7
* Add Vcs-* fields
* Drop build-dep version numbers satisfied in oldstable/etch
* Improve the patch and Makefile handling
* Add patch to allow building with camlp4o from ocaml 3.11.0
  Patch fix_mtasc_for_camlp4_3.11.0.patch by Stefano Zacchiroli
* Implement support for parallel=n in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
* Link to the correct version of the GPL in the copyright info
* Add a README.source pointing people at the quilt docs
* Add a get-orig-source target as a wrapper around maketarball
* We now comply with policy 3.8.0, bump Standards-Version

3. By Paul Wise (Debian)

* Upload to unstable for ocaml 3.10.0 transition
* Allow building when camlp4 is in ocaml-nox (etch)

2. By Paul Wise (Debian)

Restructure the package to use install.ml and build bytecode versions
on arches where ocaml can't yet build native code. This fixes the FTBFS
on several arches. mtasc has some C code, so I can't create an arch all
package. Thanks to Sven Luther and the OCaml team. Closes: #360047

1. By Paul Wise (Debian)

Import upstream version 1.12

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