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12. By Clint Byrum on 2011-11-29

* debian/patches/fix-issue-102-segfault.patch: use strncmp
  the way the upstream code does. Prevents multigets from
  failing. (LP: #637114)
* debian/patchex/fix-ubuntu-ftbfs.patch: dropped

11. By Matt Wheeler on 2010-04-17

added debian/patches/fix-ubuntu-ftbfs.patch
to fix (LP: #565152)

10. By Chuck Short on 2010-04-15

debian/patches/fix-issue-102-segfault.patch: Update patch with a more
propper fix. (LP: #558328)

9. By Chuck Short on 2010-04-08

debian/patches/fix-issue-102-segfault.patch: Fix segfault when client is
sending bad data (LP: #558328)

8. By David Martínez Moreno on 2009-10-16

* New upstream release, primarily bugfixes, some of them critical, hence
  the urgency:
  - Reject keys larger than 250 bytes in the binary protocol.
  - Bounds checking on stats cachedump.
  - Binary protocol set+cas wasn't returning a new cas ID.
  - Binary quitq didn't actually close the connection
  - Slab boundary checking cleanup (bad logic in unreachable code)
  - Get hit memory optimizations
  - Disallow -t options that cause the server to not work
  - Killed off incomplete slab rebalance feature.
* debian/patches:
  - 01_init_script_compliant_with_LSB.patch: Remade as upstream applied a
    whitespace cleanup script that broke the patch.
  - 02_manpage_additions.patch: Added missing parameters to the memcached
* Removed TODO from debian/docs.

7. By David Martínez Moreno on 2009-05-02

* New upstream release, urgency=high because of two critical bugs prior
  to this release:
  - In 1.2.7 under multithreaded mode, memcached would never restart
    accepting connections after hitting the maximum connection limit.
  - Remove 'stats maps' command, as it is a potential information leak,
    usable if versions prior to 1.2.8 ever have buffer overflows discovered
    (CVE-2009-1494). Closes: #526554.
  - Make -b command (setting the TCP listen backlog) actually work.
* debian/rules: Removed obsolete --disable-static.

6. By David Martínez Moreno on 2009-02-27

* New upstream release, released on 3/2/2008:
  - Minor bugfixes.
  - Added support for Opensolaris.
  - IPv6 support.
  - "noreply" mode for many commands.
  - Made "out of memory· errors more clear.
  - Added eviction/OOM tracking per slab class.

5. By Jay Bonci <email address hidden> on 2007-06-29

New upstream release

4. By Jay Bonci <email address hidden> on 2007-05-02

* New upstream release (Closes: #405054)
* Fix to logfile output so logrotate will work (Closes: #417941)
* Listen in on localhost by default (Closes: #383660)
* Default configuration suggests nobody by default (Closes: #391351)
* Bumped policy version to (No other changes)

3. By Jay Bonci <email address hidden> on 2005-04-11

* New upstream version
* Updates watchfile so uupdate will work

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