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23. By Colin Watson on 2014-09-23

Cache the value of man-db/auto-update in the file system, so that we
don't have to talk to debconf when processing triggers (LP: #1372673).

22. By Colin Watson on 2010-09-30

* Backport from trunk:
  - Fix a regression introduced in 2.5.7 when running catman in some
    locales, most notably in the C locale: while converting the output to
    UTF-8, iconv was run after the compressor rather than before it
    (closes: #593350, LP: #615045).

21. By Colin Watson on 2010-03-02

* Add a watch file.
* Backport from trunk:
  - Fix assertion failure on 'man -l' with an uncompressed page and
    prefixed input (no-hyphenation, no-justification, or a non-English

20. By Colin Watson on 2010-02-17

* New upstream release:
  - Make man(1) refer to the "Warnings" node in 'info groff' for a list of
    available warning names (closes: #545805).
  - Don't run tests if cross-compiling.
  - Add option to disable justification (closes: #440047).
  - Do what the user probably means when the full path to an executable is
    given as an argument (closes: #505465).
  - Search man<sec><ext> directories in the GNU layout (closes: #519807).
  - Prefer getting a page from the best manual section over getting a page
    in the correct language; I have my reservations about this, but it
    seems to be what people are requesting (closes: #519547).
  - 'man -f' and 'man -k' now pass through any -s option to apropos/whatis
  - All programs now support a MAN_DEBUG environment variable which can be
    used in place of the -d/--debug option. This is useful in some
    situations where a program is being called deep in a process tree.
  - Fix off-by-one error when write returns EAGAIN (thanks, Samuel
    Thibault; closes: #564818).
  - "%s: nothing appropriate." is an error; write it to stderr, not stdout
    (closes: #565255).
  - Don't bother printing error messages for SIGINT and SIGQUIT, since
    these correspond to explicit user actions (closes: #568000).
  - Fix sense of directory check while decompressing (closes: #537434).
  - Always save cat pages in UTF-8 (closes: #446741).
* Convert to source format 3.0 (quilt).

19. By Colin Watson on 2010-01-01

* Remove Ubuntu buildd hack now that the Ubuntu buildd chroots preseed
  man-db/auto-update=false (thanks, LaMont Jones).
* Backport from trunk:
  - Handle iconv errors when attempting to convert the last input encoding
    to UTF-8 (closes: #562503).
* Unless we're cross-compiling, get dh_installman to use the version of
  man we just built.

18. By Colin Watson on 2009-11-10

* Backport from trunk:
  - If the locale encoding is ASCII, then use the ascii device even if
    preconv is available; it will do a better job than producing UTF-8
    output and then recoding that to ASCII (closes: #547695).
  - Include <unistd.h> in src/encodings.c for dup and STDIN_FILENO
    (closes: #553623).
  - When invoking col, ensure that LC_CTYPE is set to an appropriate
    locale for the selected character set (closes: #555331).
* Add man-db/auto-update debconf template, which may be preseeded to false
  to disable rebuilding the database when man-db is triggered (closes:

17. By Colin Watson on 2009-09-24

* Don't try to change I/O priority in an OpenVZ container (closes:
  #546680). Approach borrowed from virt-what.
* Backport from trunk:
  - When a source pipeline dies, make sure to drain its output before
    discarding its output file descriptor (closes: #548153).

16. By Colin Watson on 2009-09-06

Don't try to change I/O priority in a vserver (closes: #544999).

15. By Colin Watson on 2009-08-26

* New upstream release:
  - Implement 'man -K', which was the last major remaining missing feature
    when comparing man-db with the man package (closes: #135926, LP:
  - Note that the exact rendering of (e.g.) italic text may vary depending
    on the output device (closes: #516808).
  - Don't create unnecessary database directories (closes: #472919).
  - Explicitly state that -P/$PAGER/$MANPAGER identifies a single command
    with no pipes (closes: #363250).
  - Make whatis/apropos only display any given manual page, or pointers to
    it, once (LP: #27113).
  - Map CP1251 encoding to LESSCHARSET=windows, per less(1) (closes:
  - Loop through semicolon-separated coding tags in the first line of
    manual pages, and convert Emacs coding tags to ones that libiconv
    understands (closes: #496604).
  - Convert text to UTF-8 and then (if necessary) to the target encoding.
    This allows us to distinguish between "text not in input encoding" and
    "characters not representable in output encoding" (closes: #514963).
  - Replace database entries if the mtime of the new data is newer than
    that of the old data, even if the new data represents a symlink rather
    than a regular file (closes: #490582).
  - Increase limit on NAME sections from 2048 bytes to 8192, since some
    pages exceeding the previous limit have been observed in the wild
    (closes: #489907).
  - Cope with some more cases of database corruption (closes: #187750).
  - By default, man will now try to interpret pairs of manual page names
    given on the command line as equivalent to a single manual page name
    containing a hyphen (e.g. 'man foo bar' => foo-bar(1)). This supports
    the common pattern of programs that implement a number of subcommands,
    allowing them to provide manual pages for each that can be accessed
    using similar syntax as would be used to invoke the subcommands
* Upgrade to debhelper v7.
* Reverse the direction of the man and mandb symlinks, and migrate any
  statoverrides referring to the old locations in /usr/lib/man-db/.
* Run cron jobs at idle I/O priority if dpkg 1.15.0 or newer is installed
  (closes: #448400).
* Policy version 3.8.2: no changes required.

14. By Colin Watson on 2009-07-20

* Use dh_lintian.
* Fix locale_macros groff version test not to think that 1.20.1 >= 1.20.2.

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