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22. By Martin Pitt on 2010-02-23

debian/patches/03_lazy_init.patch: Fix return values in the failure cases,
and add upstream bug link.

21. By Martin Pitt on 2010-02-23

Add 03_lazy_init.patch: Do not spawn the D-Bus notification backend right
away, but initialize it lazily. This avoids needlessly spawning the daemon
at session start already.

20. By Aurélien Gâteau on 2009-08-04

Add support for v0.10 of the notification spec. (lp: #408940)

19. By Sebastian Dröge on 2009-03-05

[ Loic Minier ]
* Include clean-la.mk; build-dep on gnome-pkg-tools >= 0.7.

[ Sebastian Dröge ]
* debian/control:
  + Add myself to uploaders.
  + Update Standards-Version to 3.8.0.
  + Use ${binary:Version} instead of ${Source-Version} to make the
    package binNMU save.
* New upstream release (Closes: #510931):
  + Fixes include of non-toplevel header of GTK (Closes: #508329).
  + debian/rules:
    - Update shlibs to >= 0.4.5 for new API.
  + debian/control:
    - Build-depend on dbus-glib >= 0.76.
* debian/patches/01_hurd-path-max.patch:
  + Fix FTBFS on hurd-i386, thanks to Michael Banck for the patch.
    (Closes: #483157).
* debian/patches/99_ltmain_as-needed.patch:
  + Remove some unneeded dependencies from the library by using
    --as-needed for linking.

18. By Michael Vogt on 2008-11-21

New upstream release

17. By LaMont Jones on 2007-10-04

Trigger rebuild for hppa

16. By Loïc Minier on 2007-04-16

* Drop GNOME team from uploaders and uploaders.mk include; add myself to
* Merge never uploaded 0.4.3-3 changelog entry into 0.4.4-1.
* Set LDFLAGS directly instead of via DEB_CONFIGURE_SCRIPT_ENV; build-dep on
  cdbs >= 0.4.41.
* Add ${misc:Depends}.
* Wrap build-deps and deps.
* Prepend -z defs to LDFLAGS to be safe with --as-needed.

15. By Loïc Minier on 2006-11-30

[ Riccardo Setti ]
* New upstream release

[ Loic Minier ]
* Bump up libgtk2.0-dev and libglib2.0-dev build-deps to >= 2.6; bump up the
  dependency of libnotify-dev on libgtk2.0-dev as well; add a libglib2.0-dev
  dependency to libnotify-dev.

14. By Sivan Greenberg on 2006-11-22

* Merged with debian, remaining changes:
  + debian/rules:
    o Bump shlibs for libnotify to (>= 0.4.2)
* New upstream release.

13. By Sebastian Dröge on 2006-09-27

* debian/patches/01_reopen-notification.patch:
  + Don't crash the daemon when showing an already closed notification
    bubble. Patch from upstream SVN (r2882)
* debian/patches/02_fix-typo.patch:
  + Fix typo and notify about a change in the correct GObject property.
    Patch from upstream SVN (r2892)
* debian/patches/03_invalid-assertion.patch:
  + Fix invalid assertion. Patch from upstream SVN (r2899)

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