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11. By Javier Uruen Val

[Javier Uruen Val]
* New upstream release. (LP: #521798)
* debian/patches: dropped all patches (has been integrated upstream)
* debian/rules: drop simple-patchsys as no patches are left
* debian/links: Change from prototype-1.6.0.js to prototype.js
* debian/control: Update description
* debian/copyright: updated copyright data (emails, date, ...)

10. By Javier Uruen Val

[Javier Uruen Val]
* Backport fixes from 1.3.6 (LP: #451481)
  - debian/patches/02_remove_cmd_files.patch
  - debian/patches/03_fix_log_file_owner.patch: set file

9. By Javier Uruen Val

[Javier Uruen Val]
* New upstream release. (Closes: #411462)
* debian/control
  - Bump standards version
  - Add dependency on libsoap-lite-perl
  - Remove dependency on dpatch
* debian/libebox.postinst
  - Create log directory
  - Add set -e
* debian/libebox.postrm
  - Add set -e
* debian/patches
  - Drop dpatch system:
      + Drop 01_dbug_gconf.dpatch (Shipped by upstream)
  - Use simple-patchsys
      + Move 02_js_libraries.dpatch to 01_js_libraries.patch
* cdbs/ebox.mk
  - Use simple-patchsys.mk

8. By Mathias Gug

[ Javier Uruen Val ]
* New upstream release. Closes (LP: #318697)
* debian/control:
  - Bump standard version to 3.8.0.
  - Depends on scriptaculous and prototype javascript libraries.
  - Update the upstream project url.
* debian/copyright:
  - Include modalbox license.
* debian/patches/: 01_set_multiple_groups, 02_fix_interpolation_warning,
  03_abstract_daemon_tmp_dir, 04_disable_debug: Drop patches.
* debian/patches/01_dbus_gconf.dpatch
  - Patch to make eBox gconf classes work with the new gconf version
    that uses dbus.
* debian/patches/02_js_libraries.dpatch
  - Patch to strip out javascript libraries that are already packaged
    in Jaunty.

7. By Chuck Short

* debian/patches/04_disable_debug.dpatch
  - Disable debug information so that it does not disclose
    information. (LP: #219343)

6. By Chuck Short

* debian/control,
  - Updated with patches from upstream.

5. By Chuck Short

New upstream release.

4. By Soren Hansen

Move logdir reference to /var/log/ebox.

3. By Soren Hansen

Fix log file path.

2. By Soren Hansen

* New upstream release.
* debian/control:
  - Update maintainer field.
  - Bump standards version.
* debian/docs:
  - Don't install empty README.
* 01_move_helper_scripts.dpatch:
  - Add pkgdata method (makes the transition easier in the other packages).
* 02_debug.dpatch:
  - Enable debugging by default. Remove this patch before Gutsy releases.

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