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227. By Jonathan Riddell

Update kubuntu_101_brightness_fn_keys_and_osd.diff from Felix Geyer,
closes LP: #564433 'Plasma crash at KDE logout'

226. By Scott Kitterman

Bump conflicts/replaces versions from 4.3.3 to 4.3.80 to allow for safe
upgrade from Karmic with updates from backports

225. By Jonathan Thomas

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Add CVE-2010-0436_fix_kdm_local_exploit.diff from upstream to fix a local
  KDM vulnerability (LP: #562440)

[ Felix Geyer ]
* Add kubuntu_119_powerdevil_fix_suspend_twice.diff, fixes PowerDevil
  suspending twice when system is idle.
* Add kubuntu_120_powerdevil_reset_status_after_idle.diff, fixes PowerDevil
  only suspending once per session.

224. By Jonathan Riddell

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Add kubuntu_04_fix_kickoff_model_loading.diff by Felix Geyer to fix
  Kickoff's model loading, which caused stuff to randomly disappear from
  the computer tab (also see KDE Bug 232901)

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add kubuntu_119_krandrtray_radio_menu_items.diff from Aurelien
  Gateau, backport from trunk, use radio buttons in krandrtray, fixes
  support with dbusmenu
* Update kubuntu_101_brightness_fn_keys_and_osd.diff with newer patch
  by Felix Geyer

223. By Scott Kitterman

[ Brandon Holtsclaw ]
* Added kubuntu_118_netbook_activitybar.diff from Felix Geyer to allow
  the activity bar applet to shrink below intended size (LP: #540324)

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Update debian/copyright from Debian (Thanks to Ferdinand Thommes)

222. By Brandon Holtsclaw

added kubuntu_117_randr_fix_revert.diff to address
http://bugs.kde.org/222110 and http://bugs.kde.org/180047 (LP: #554948)

221. By Harald Sitter

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Add systemsettings replaces kde-systemsettings for Hardy upgrades where
  Ubuntu and Kubuntu are both installed
* Add klipper replaces klipper-kde4 for Hardy upgrades
* Add kdm replaces kdm-kde4 for Hardy upgrades

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Add kubuntu_03_kickoff_configchanged.diff to add a simplified configChanged
  interface to kickoff, so that we can temper with it's config via scripts.
  As done in kubuntu-default-settings for LP: #559725

220. By Jonathan Riddell

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Dont hide klipper from menu, otherwise users will find it diffcult to
  get it back if accidently the autostart was turned off.
* Drop kubuntu_71_default_plasma_layout.diff in favor of plasma-desktop
  init script in kubuntu-default-settings
* Add kubuntu_01_fix_dateandtimekcm.diff from upstream to fix a whole
  set of funny bugs in the date&time KCM, amongst them LP: #367164
* Add kubuntu_02_screensaver_restricted_install.diff to recommend installation
  of kscreensaver package via k-n-h (LP: #273667)

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Add kubuntu_112_kdm_multiscreen_fix.diff, backported from upstream's 4.4
  branch. Can be dropped in 4.4.3.
* Add kubuntu_113_kmenuedit_folder_move_fix.diff, a backport of two off-by
  one error fixes that makes moving folders in kmenuedit actually work
* Add kubuntu_114_respect_screensaver_settings.diff from the upstraem 4.4
  branch that only enables the screensaver if it is enabled in the settings
* Add kubuntu_115_read_compositing_settings.diff. Backport of kde svn
  revision 1109537. Fixes a crash when compositing is forced in the
  environment variables
* Add kubuntu_116_oxygen_cursor_fix, a backport of several commits in
  B.K.O 231844. Prevents the cursor from turning into a vertical resize
  cursor after you move a window. Can be removed in 4.4.3.

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Update kubuntu_98_dbusmenu.diff from Aurelien Gateau (LP: #553685)

219. By Steve Langasek

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add back and update kubuntu_12_kubuntu_homepage.diff to link to kubuntu.org
  (LP: #553530)

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Make the upstart job handle plymouth teardown in the text / single-user
  boot cases, finishing up kdm's support for a smooth plymouth transition.
  LP: #540177.

218. By Scott Kitterman

Restore changes from the 4:4.4.1-0ubuntu7 upload that were inadvertently
dropped when 4.4.2-0ubuntu1 was uploaded, refix LP: #540177

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