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112. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-04-16

In kubuntu_89_ram_detection.diff, add a "First start=true" key to the
nepomukserver.kcfg. It is imperative to set the first start key here, as
doing it in kubuntu-default-settings led to the code preferring the k-d-s
setting over the default-when-key-doesn't-exist value set in the code. I
also included a few logic fixes, and this plus kubuntu-default-settings
10.04ubuntu23 should fix this bug. (LP: #564049)

111. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-04-13

Rebuild for sneaky libssh ABI breakage. The ftp:/ ioslave worked, but
the sftp:/ ioslave didn't...

110. By Scott Kitterman on 2010-04-11

[ Brandon Holtsclaw ]
* Removed searchhandlers from being installed to hide the search tab in
  khelpcenter4 (htdig broken/not in main) Closes (LP: #19767)

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Backport kubuntu_91_set_US_time_format.diff from upstream's 4.4 branch to
  properly set a timezone for US users.

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Update debian/copyright from Debian (Thanks to Ferdinand Thommes)

109. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-03-29

[ Alessandro Ghersi ]
* New upstream release
  - Bump build-depends
  - Update kdebase-runtime-data.install
  - Add final newline to kubuntu_87_nepomuk_virtuosoconverter.diff

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Drop recommends on virtuosoconverter, virtuoso 5 was never used in
  the main archive and virtuosoconverter is in universe

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Add kubuntu_89_strigi_ram_detection.diff. This will make Nepomuk disable
  strigi on systems with less than or equal to 1GB of RAM, on its first
  run. Users will still be able to enable it for themselves if they wish.
* Add kubuntu_90_strigi_notification_polish.diff. This silences the
  extraneous indexing notifications, except for the low disk space one.

108. By Harald Sitter on 2010-03-07

kdebase-runtime needs to recommend kubuntu-debug-installer, so that
drkonqi can automatically install debug packages (LP: #514557)

107. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-03-04

Add nepomuk dbus interface files to kdebase-runtime-data, needed for
compiling nepomuk playground parts

106. By Alessandro Ghersi on 2010-02-27

[ Alessandro Ghersi ]
* New upstream release
  - Bump build-depends
  - Update kdebase-runtime-data.install

[ Achim Bohnet ]
* add patch: kubuntu_88_nepomuksearch_uds-url.diff: fixes
  URLs handed over to programs when clicking on files returned
  from a nepomuksearch. Now file:///... instead of
  nepomuksearch:SearchThis/weird-cryptic-string is used. See:
  also http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/3069/
  Closes LP: #529021

105. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-02-16

Make kdebase-runtime depend on shared-desktop-ontologies

104. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-02-11

Make kdebase-runtime depend on plasma-scriptengine-javascript

103. By Michał Zając on 2010-02-04

[ Vikram Dhillon ]
* Added kubuntu_87_nepomuk_virtuosoconverter.diff nepomuk-virtuosoconverter patch

[ Michał Zając ]
* New upstream release
 - Bump on Build-Depends

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