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188. By Jonathan Thomas

Add kubuntu_75_kauth_authentication_fix.diff from upstream to address
B.K.O #227117.

187. By Jonathan Thomas

* Add kubuntu_01_kubuntu_useragent.diff to add Kubuntu to the default KDE
  useragent (LP: #332339)
* Add kubuntu_02_filedialog_enter_fix.diff (kde svn 1111606) to fix
  keyboard navigation within the file dialog

186. By Alessandro Ghersi

* In kubuntu_06_user_disk_mounting.diff (LP: #528907)
  - callHalPrivilegedVolumeMount() if the error is
    the error for umount is not changed, keep what there's already

185. By Roderick B. Greening

[ Alessandro Ghersi ]
* New upstream release
  - Drop patches, fixed by upstream:
    - kubuntu_72_kpixmapcache_discard_fix.diff
    - kubuntu_73_silence_kdebug.diff
    - kubuntu_72_popupapplet_crash_fix.diff
    - kubuntu_71_knewstuff_crashes.diff
    - kubuntu_69_qreal.diff
    - 26_fixmanpage.diff
  - Update patches:
    - 08_add_debian_build_type.diff
    - 11_default_kde4_xdg_menu_prefix.diff
    - 14_hardcode_ptm_device.diff
    - 17_findservicebydesktoppath_try_realfilepath.diff
    - 23_solid_no_double_build.diff
    - 25_ld_exclude_libs_qtuitools.diff
  - Update RUNTIME_DEPS in rules
  - Bump build-depends
  - Update kdelibs5.install
  - Update kdelibs5-data.install

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add kubuntu_74_plasma_applet_directories.diff by Brian Thomason,
  fixes Python Plasmoids not working when installed to /usr, LP:
* Update kubuntu_70_dbusmenu.diff from Aurelien Gateau, use org.kde
  for dbus domain, brings it into line with upstream

[ Roderick B. Greening ]
* Fixed kdelibs-dev.install for dbusmenu update

184. By Scott Kitterman

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Add kubuntu_72_kpixmapcache_discard_fix.diff to fix various crashes while
  toggling compositing or changing Plasma themes (LP: #321281)
  - Can be dropped in KDE 4.4.2
* Add kubuntu_73_silence_kdebug.diff to fix applications being verbose when
  KDebug isn't enabled (LP: #540944)
  - Can be dropped in KDE 4.4.2

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Manually remove mimetypes/kde.xml.podir that somehow crept into the

183. By Jonathan Riddell

Update kubuntu_70_dbusmenu.diff with kde4libs-4.4.1-20100309.diff
from http://people.canonical.com/~agateau/dbusmenu/ and update
build-dep to libdbusmenu-qt 0.3.0

182. By Alessandro Ghersi

* New upstream release
  - Bump build-depends
  - Drop kubuntu_73_khtml_scroll_fix.diff fixed by upstream

181. By Søren Holm

[ Harald Sitter ]
* kdelibs5 needs to depend on shared-desktop-ontologies, otherwise
  Nepomuk search is not working properly

[ Søren Holm ]
* Added kubuntu_73_khtml_scroll_fix.diff to fix slow khtml scrolling.

180. By Jonathan Riddell

Update kubuntu_70_dbusmenu.diff from Aurelien Gateau

179. By Michał Zając

New upstream release.

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