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85. By Jonathan Thomas

Remove the X-KDE-SubstitueUID key from jockey-kde.desktop.in. It is no
longer needed since Jockey now has PolicyKit support, and poses a less
than desirable situation where the whole frontend is run as root.
Fixes LP: #581379

84. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/fglrx.py, nvidia.py:
  - Do not check the non null value of current_alternative and
    target_alternative. This caused jockey to skip the condition
    that we really wanted to test (i.e. do the two alternatives
    match?) and show the driver as enabled when the target
    alternative didn't exist (as the package hadn't been installed
    yet) (LP: #562226).

83. By Alberto Milone

[ Alberto Milone ]
* Do not check that the module is loaded in enabled() in the nvidia
  handler, as this is what we should do in used(). Just make sure
  that the module and its alias are not blacklisted. This prevents
  Jockey from claiming that the installation of nvidia driver failed
  when when it didn't (LP: #552653).

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Don't crash when closed with the "x" button (LP: #552723, LP: #398912).
  Thanks ThorbjørnTux!

[ Martin Pitt ]
* i18n "Install Drivers" string. (LP: #542552)

82. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Re-enable the fglrx handler and make it use the alternatives system
    (LP: #496225).
* data/handlers/nvidia.py:
  - See if the module alias is loaded and then check what module it
    corresponds to in order to see if it's really enabled (LP: #547066).
    This involved overriding the enabled() and the used() methods.
* jockey/xorg_driver.py:
  - Simplify the logic in the enabled() method by only relying on
    X-Kit's isDriverEnabled() method. This will avoid getting false
    positives in the case in which the 1st Device section (i.e. the
    only one that we used to check) uses the right driver but the
    same section is irrelevant as it's not mentioned in the
    ServerLayout section.

81. By Martin Pitt

* Merge fixed KDE .ui file from trunk, thanks Jonathan Thomas! This fixes
  the crash on jockey-kde startup.
* debian/control: Revert the python-distutils-extra build dependency bump,
  not necessary any more with the fix above.

80. By Martin Pitt

* Merge bug fix from trunk:
  - ui.py: Fix _check_repositories() to not invoke the UI and error dialogs
    in --check mode. (LP: #540750)
* debian/control: Bump python-distutils-extra build dependency, to ensure we
  build correct -kde packages. (LP: #543707)

79. By Mario Limonciello

[ Martin Pitt ]
* jockey/oslib.py: Use "dkms" instead of "bash" for testing whether we have
  repositories. This works slightly better with third-party repositories.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* data/handlers/fglrx.py: The package name is now just "fglrx" rather than

78. By Martin Pitt

* Merge fixes from trunk:
  - ui.py, check(): If the user is running Jockey with package installation
    or another long-running task in parallel, the automatic --check
    invocation will time out on connecting to the backend. This is not
    fatal, just print an error message instead of crashing. (LP: #403955)
  - jockey-gtk: Fix progress dialogs to not be maximizable. (LP: #537911)
  - Do not parent the KMessageBox, since in some cases the errors can come
    before the MainWindow is initialized. Thanks Jonathan Thomas!

77. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Make Control-C work properly. Thanks Adys! (LP: #479548)
  - Read system vendor/product from sysfs, not from hal
  - OSLib: Add new method has_repositories(), as a foundation for fixing
  - backend.py, new_used_available(): Skip check if no package repositories
    are available, to avoid writing an empty cache file and thus never
    showing Jockey notifications again once they become available.
    (LP: #442776)
  - Shutdown D-BUS backend on UI shutdown, to not start the next UI with
    potentially outdated information.
  - backend.py: Expose has_repositories() and update_repository_indexes() to
  - ui.py: Download/update package indexes if they are missing.
    (LP: #439530)
* jockey/oslib.py: Provide an apt implementation of has_repositories().
* jockey/oslib.py: Provide an apt implementation of

76. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release:
  - gtk/autostart/jockey-gtk.desktop.in: Fix regression from r596, add back
    "--check" mode. This fixes jockey always popping up after session start.
  - kde: Set the bugEmail variable and add it to the KAboutData constructor
    (LP: #398920)
  - kde: Bump notification pixmap size down to 22x22, for consistency with
    other KDE apps
  - kde: Optimize KIcon usage in general

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