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29. By Ted Gould

* Upstream Merge
  * When loading desktop files check to see if they've
    already been eclipsed by an app. (LP: #549096)
  * Track better application shortcuts and ensure that they
    get removed when the application is. (LP: #539167)

28. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Fixing several bugs with regards to visibility and placement
    if items and separators in the menu. (LP: #446914)
  * Changing the service management over to using libindicator
    services and service manager for robustness.

27. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/control:
  - change the indicator-applet depends to a recommends to let other
    desktops use other options rather than having to trigger GNOME

26. By Ted Gould

* Upstream release 0.3.5
  * Show which applications are running with a small icon
    next to their entry. (LP: #438526)
  * Shift command items to line up with application names.
    (LP: #537312)
  * Track applications we've seen so that we can show "Set Up"
    text if we've not seen the app before.
  * Fix avatar spacing to match other menu items
  * Use standard libindicator icon handling in panel
  * Fix translation of non-running applications (LP: #540148)
  * Handling bools for requesting attention from apps
  * Changing microblogging to broadcast to match Me Menu (LP: #534952)
* debian/control:
  - Updating requirement to libindicator 0.3.5
  - Increasing dbusmenu-glib dep to 0.2.8

25. By Ken VanDine

* src/default-applications.c
  - string change for consistency (LP: #534952)

24. By Ted Gould

* Upstream release 0.3.3
  * Changing names of default applications to generic names
  * Making icons of default applications match panel theme

23. By Ted Gould

* Upstream release 0.3.2
  * Removing extra ref
  * Moving locally defined variable to use the one defined in
    the function to fix a NULL pointer. (lp: #518547)
  * Disconnect the count changed signal property
  * Adding static desktop shortcuts to application items
  * Adding dynamic application menuitems
  * Switching application menu items to remove descriptions
    and add in application icons
* debian/control:
  * libindicator build dependency to 0.3.3
  * dbusmenu build dependency to 0.2.5

22. By Ted Gould

* Upstream Merge
  * Removing extra ref
  * Moving locally defined variable to use the one defined in
    the function to fix a NULL pointer. (lp: #518547)

21. By Ted Gould

* Upstream release 0.3.1
  * Updates for dbusmenu 0.2.2
  * Updates for libindicate 0.3.0
* debian/control:
  * dbusmenu* depends to 0.2.2
  * libindicate* depends to 0.3.0

20. By Ted Gould

* Upstream release 0.3.0
  - Disabling static builds.
  - Porting to libindicator 0.3.0
  - Adding translator comments from hours and minutes strings.
    (LP: #456437)
  - Upgrading to dbusmenu 0.2.0
* debian/control: Updating dbusmenu dependency to 0.2.0
* debian/control: Increasing libindicator-dev dependency to

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