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30. By Colin Watson

* Fetch ID_PATH from 'udevadm info' if it isn't already set in the
  environment (LP: #567182).
* Factor Firewire/USB check out into a new hdparm_try_apm function.
* debian/95hdparm-apm: Skip Firewire and USB devices.

29. By Colin Watson

Don't apply default APM policy to Firewire or USB devices when running
from udev (LP: #515023, #548513).

28. By Martin Pitt

* Add debian/95hdparm-apm: pm-utils script to adjust hard drive APM settings
  after resuming. This was previously shipped in pm-utils, but is more
  appropriate here (see /usr/share/doc/pm-utils/README.distributions).
* debian/control: Replace pm-utils versions which shipped that script.

27. By Steve Langasek

* debian/hdparm.init, debian/hdparm.udev-script: also don't call sync...
* debian/hdparm-functions: refactor so that it can be used by the udev
  script as well
  - drop handling of "command_line" here - we shouldn't be running this
    for every hard drive and every power event, this should be supported
    only by an init script (if at all)
* debian/hdparm.install: move hdparm-functions to /lib/hdparm.
* debian/hdparm.udev-script: refactor to use the above functions instead of
  embedding a parser. LP: #321219.
* debian/control: declare a Breaks: on pm-utils (<< 1.2.5-2ubuntu8), due to
  the change of the hdparm-functions API.

26. By Steve Langasek

debian/hdparm.init, debian/hdparm.udev-script: Don't call hdparm -f for
every drive; no clear rationale was ever given for doing this, and doing
so slows down hard drive access at boot time.

25. By Steve Langasek

* Recommend powermgmt-base, so we can use on_ac_power to detect if we're on
* Add a new option to hdparm.conf, apm_battery, which is used in place of
  apm when we detect that we're on battery power.
* debian/hdparm.udev-script, debian/hdparm.init: only use the 'apm' setting
  when we're not on battery; when we are on battery, apply the separate
  'apm_battery' setting.
* debian/hdparm-functions: break out a barebones parser for
  /etc/hdparm.conf and install it to /usr/lib/pm-utils, for use in
  /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/95hdparm-apm. LP: #238555.

24. By Martin Pitt

* debian/hdparm.postinst: The transitional code to create
  /etc/udev/rules.d/z60_hdparm.rules also got wrongly executed on new
  installs, leaving a broken symlink behind. However, we do not need this in
  the first place, so just throw away the code completely.
* debian/hdparm.preinst: Remove broken symlink on upgrade.

23. By Colin Watson

Fix crash with -B when HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) fails (LP: #396837).

22. By Michael Terry

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #311451), remaining changes:
  + debian/control:
    - Do not depend on lsb-base (we no longer use init script)
    - Add Homepage
    - Add Breaks on old udev
    - Bump debhelper depends for dh_installudev changes
  + debian/hdparm.install, debian/hpdarm.udev:
    - Use hpdarm.udev instead of .rules
  + debian/hpdarm.dirs:
    - Drop unused /etc/udev/rules.d, add lib/udev for our udev-script
  + debian/rules, debian/hdparm.udev-script:
    - Install udev-script, drop init file stuff
    - Pass --priority=85 to dh_installudev

21. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

Add Breaks to ensure the right version of udev is used.

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