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103. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-26

releasing version 2.30.0-0ubuntu3

102. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-26

Add 91_shares_services_detection.patch: Work around missing Upstart
support by checking for installed files instead of SysV init scripts which
no longer exist. (LP: #574046)

101. By Didier Roche on 2010-04-14

* debian/patches/82_gst-packages-time-admin.patch:
  - Switch time combobox to "Keep synchronized with Internet servers" after
    having installed NTP support (Xiegai Shan) (LP: #551936)

100. By Robert Ancell on 2010-04-01

* New upstream release:
  - Fix a few compiler warnings (Andre Klapper, Bug 612805)
  - Only update Real name in case of success
  - Force updating groups when showing groups dialog
  - Fix hang when new and old password only differ in case
  - Fix hang when changing empty password to something else
  - Fix hiding "encrypt home folder" option when not supported
  - Fix "Reload config?" dialog shown after creating a group
  - Remove duplicate deletion of groups
  - Replace UTF-8 characters escaped by Glade (Gabor Kelemen, Bug 613115)
  - Remove placeholder strings
  - Mark a string as translatable
  - Fix warning when NO_PASSWD_LOGIN group doesn't exist

99. By Robert Ancell on 2010-03-25

* New upstream release:
  - Update main view fields after changing settings
  - Gracefully handle non-existent groups listed in user profiles
  - Work around an adduser limitation that makes it fail when a group using the new login already exists
  - Support account password locking/unlocking
* debian/control.in:
  - Bump build-depends on systems-tools-backends-dev to 2.9.4
  - Bump gnome-system-tools depends on systems-tools-backends to 2.9.4

98. By Chris Coulson on 2010-03-07

* debian/patches/26_user_profiles_conf.patch:
  - Don't add users to the audio group. This is consistent with
    user-setup and fixes an issue with sound device permissions when
    switching between users. Thanks to Igor Wojnicki for spotting
    this (LP: #433654)

97. By Chris Coulson on 2010-02-18

* New upstream version
* Common
  - Add nfs-common and nfs-server to the services list
* Users
  - Fix crash when main group isn't set
  - Fix hang when configuration files are updated while the tool is running
  - Fix selecting current user on start, and ensure we always show it in the list
  - Always make new users own their home directory, if it already existed
  - Unreference users and groups on exit to allow them to clear their data
  - Small cosmetic improvements
* Time
  - Fix time-admin crash due to broken callbacks
  - Don't update NTP configuration on every start
* debian/control:
  - Bump liboobs-dev build-dep to 2.29.91
* Refreshed patches:
  - 10_disable_interfaces.patch
  - 82_gst-packages-time-admin.patch
  - 90_relibtoolize.patch

96. By Chris Coulson on 2010-02-14

* New upstream version
* Users
  - Fix hangs when changing own password with some PAM setups
  - Update password field to indicate whether password is empty and/or
    asked on login
  - Support disabled accounts, waiting for the backends to report this
  - Sort users and groups list, implement search (LP: #477324)
  - Don't resize window with long user names (LP: #514298)
  - Improve buttons string to be "Change..."
  - Fix "Reload Changes?" dialog shown after creating an user
  - Fix a few leaks of OobsUsers and OobsGroups
* Services
  - Only commit changes to one service at a time, to avoid many harmful
  - Remove unlock button, ask for authentication on-the-fly
  - Improve appearance of services list, use some additional icons and
    known services
* Shares
  - Don't create an OobsIfacesConfig object since it's not used and
    consumes memory
* Fixes LP: #200105
* Refreshed patches:
  - 81_gst-packages-shares-admin.patch
  - 90_relibtoolize.patch
* debian/control:
  - Bump liboobs-dev build-depend to 2.29.90
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.8.4. No other changes required

95. By Chris Coulson on 2010-02-06

* debian/patches/26_user_profiles_conf.patch:
  - Delete "scanner" group from user profiles. This group doesn't exist
    on Ubuntu, and the presence of it here makes it impossible to apply
    the profiles

94. By Chris Coulson on 2010-02-05

* New upstream release (LP: #506365)
  - Move to new System Tools Backends protocol (new liboobs API).
    We now only commit changes to one user at a time, reducing the
    risk for dangerous bugs.
  - Include default profiles configuration file (user-profiles.conf).
    Distributors should modify it to suit their needs and send them
    back for inclusion.
  - When creating an user, don't force UID, main group, home directory
    and shell: these parameters are now handled (better) by the platform
    tools (LP: #488158, LP: #313990)
  - Allow removing home directory when deleting an user (LP: #426125).
  - Don't allow deleting the last administrator account, and warn when
    the user is losing its own admin rights. Same for active users
    (LP: #25947, LP: #349453)
  - Don't allow creating a group with an existing GID (LP: #491434)
  - Use UID and GID ranges defined by liboobs, depending on the platform's
  - Clear suggested login entry when Real name is emptied in the new user
  - Change GConf "showall" option to apply only on users. System groups are
    always shown, since they are the most interesting ones.
  - Various UI and string improvements.
  - Change password for current user by running 'passwd', to avoid
    breaking keyrings and encrypted dirs
  - Ask for PolicyKit authentication when it most makes sense, i.e.
    when showing dialogs
  - Option to set encrypted home directories when creating users (on
    platforms that support it) (LP: #302870)
  - When editing one group, only commit changes to that group
  - When changing Real name, update it in the users list (LP: #498970)
  - Select current user on start, and the first one after selected user
    has been deleted
  - Don't force updating configuration twice on start
* Also fixes LP: #344182, LP: #208057, LP: #188757, LP: #372695,
  LP: #99276, LP: #160862
* debian/control:
  - Bump liboobs-dev build-dep to 2.29.3
* debian/gnome-system-tools.install:
  - Don't install debian/profile
  - Install upstream user-profiles.conf instead
* Delete debian/profiles
* Refreshed patches:
  - 25_sambashare_group_definition.patch
  - 90_relibtoolize.patch
* Dropped debian/patches/85_user_gnome_about_me_for_password.patch:
  - The change is obsolete in the new version
* debian/patches/82_gst-packages-time-admin.patch:
  - Updated to remove superfluous UI file changes, causing focus issues
    in the users-admin password change dialog. Thanks to Will for
    spotting this (LP: #501976)

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