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102. By Artur Rona on 2010-11-21

[ Krzysztof Klimonda ]
* debian/patches/92_return_if_nitems_is_0.patch: (LP: #626379)
  - Fix handle clipboard with KDE apps on Gnome, e.g. kolourpaint4.

101. By Chris Coulson on 2010-04-28

* New upstream version (LP: #571250):
  - Introduce gconf key that allows hiding the indicator (LP: #519372)
* Refreshed 90_autoreconf.patch
* Dropped patches merged upstream:
  - 08_multi_keyboard_layouts.patch
  - 09_indicator-display.patch

100. By Chris Coulson on 2010-04-23

* debian/patches/16_use_synchronous_notifications.patch:
  - Make sure the media keys plugin links with libnotify
* debian/patches/90_autoreconf.patch:
  - Refreshed to pick up the change above

99. By Alberto Milone on 2010-04-15

Revert the previous changes and use upstream's default settings for
multi-finger taps now that the synaptics driver behaves in the same

98. By Alberto Milone on 2010-04-14

Be compliant with the settings in the synaptics driver as regards
performing middle and right taps with multiple fingers (LP: #432814).

97. By James Westby on 2010-04-13

Fix handling of fn-F7 when xev timestamp is later than server timestamp.

96. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-03-31

* debian/patches/91_bugzilla_update_touchpad_icons.patch:
  - updated touchpad svg icons with the ones on
    https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=611348 (lp: #539025)

95. By Didier Roche on 2010-03-30

[ Didier Roche ]
* New upstream release:
  - Protect XInput code by ifdefs if XInput isn't available (Daniel Macks)
  - Don't play a sound when the volume doesn't change (Bastien Nocera)
  - Fix linking with pedantic linkers (Bastien Nocera) (#610244)
  - Remove unused do_sleep_action function (Bastien Nocera)
  - Apply all keyboard settings to new keyboards (Bastien Nocera) (#610245)
  - Ensure the window is realized before we invalidate it (Richard Hughes)
  - Replace "eject" spawn with GIO code (Bastien Nocera) (#580779)
  - Don't spawn xrdb (Martin Pitt) (#586276)
  - Add translator hint (Jens Granseuer) (#613647)
  - Disable font plugin by default (Bastien Nocera) (#613604)
  - Updated translations
* remove debian/patches/04_dont_call_xrdb.patch: upstreamed
* debian/patches/16_use_synchronous_notifications.patch: refreshed
* debian/patches/90_autoreconf.patch: refreshed
* remove debian/patches/92_keyboard_settings_update.patch: from upstream

[ Chris Coulson ]
* debian/patches/16_use_synchronous_notifications.patch:
  - Make sure that gsd-osd-notification.[c,h] are compiled
  - Remove superfluous ca_gtk_play_for_widget_call
  - Correctly update asynchronous notifications
  - Fix a compiler warning

94. By Chris Coulson on 2010-03-28

* debian/patches/16_use_synchronous_notifications.patch:
  - Update so that volume change event sounds work correctly (LP: #538761)

93. By Martin Pitt on 2010-03-23

* Add 08_multi_keyboard_layouts.patch: Default to system settings for
  handling multiple keyboard layouts. (LP: #460328)
* Add 09_indicator-display.patch: Always call show_hide_icon() in
  apply_xkb_settings(), not just when we set a different keyboard layout. We
  always want to show the indicator if we have multiple keyboard layouts

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