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93. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release:
  - Updated translations

92. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release:
  - Build fix for systems with x11 < 1.3
* debian/control.in:
  - udpate Standards-Version to latest

91. By Chris Coulson

* debian/source_gnome-screensaver.py:
  - Fetch inhibitors from gnome-session and add them to the submitted bug
    report (under the 'GnomeSessionInhibitors' key). Also provide an overall
    summary indicating if the session has been inhibited from going idle
    (under them 'GnomeSessionIdleInhibited' key). The information is useful
    for debugging screensaver activation issues

90. By Marc Deslauriers

* debian/source_gnome-screensaver.py: also add g-p-m gconf keys to help
  debug screen-locking issues.
* debian/patches/12_use_dbus_service.patch: add tags with bug numbers

89. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream version.
* Fixed bugs:
  - CVE-2010-0422, handle monitor hotplugging more securely
  - Fix screen dirt in floaters screensaver
* Refreshed patches:
  - 04_force_blank_only_on_ltsp.patch
  - 05_locking_for_compiz.patch
* debian/patches/13_nvidia_gamma_fade_fallback.patch:
  - Updated tags with upstream bug number now I've sent it upstream.

88. By Chris Coulson

* debian/patches/13_nvidia_gamma_fade_fallback.patch:
  - Fall back to XF86VM gamma fade if XRANDR gamma fade is not supported
    (LP: #522806)

87. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream version, fixed bugs:
  - #609337, CVE-2010-0414, handle monitor removal more securely
* Refreshed 02_keep_unlock_raised.patch

86. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream version.
* Fixed bugs:
  - #597874, Use xrandr 1.2 gamma fading
  - RH bug #546656, Fix crash in popsquares
  - #598476, Don't crash when lock dialog dies during shake
  - #593616, Fix multi-head issues
  - #600488, Remove session inhibitors if the originator falls of the bus
* debian/control:
  - Bump libgnome-desktop-dev build-dep to 2.29.0
* Dropped debian/patches/09_remove_session_inhibitors.patch:
  - Merged upstream
* Dropped debian/patches/07_xfce_menu_entry.patch:
  - Xubuntu uses xscreensaver now
* Refreshed patches:
  - 02_keep_unlock_raised.patch
  - 03_fix_ltsp-fading.patch
  - 04_force_blank_only_on_ltsp.patch
  - 05_locking_for_compiz.patch

85. By Marc Deslauriers

* debian/org.gnome.ScreenSaver.service, debian/gnome-screensaver.install:
  Provide a D-Bus service file so gnome-screensaver gets respawned if it
  dies. This ensures screen locking will work more reliably. (LP: #515832)
* debian/patches/12_use_dbus_service.patch: gnome-screensaver-command
  should use D-Bus to start gnome-screensaver if it is not running.

84. By Chris Coulson

* debian/patches/11_autostart_delay.patch:
  - Delay autostarting the screensaver for 5 seconds after the start
    of the session

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