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42. By Robert Ancell on 2010-04-19

* debian/patches/30_embed_svg.patch:
  - For SVG imagedata, embed for XHTML and use object for HTML (LP: #551460)

41. By Didier Roche on 2010-02-23

* New upstream release:
  - Updated the Mallard RNG schema (Shaun McCance)
  - Bold userinput inside programlisting (Shaun McCance)
  - Updated translations
* debian/control.in:
  - bump Standards-Version

40. By Didier Roche on 2010-01-26

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed shading with rowspans, bug #606986
  - Implemented text titles
  - Added 'css' command for Mallard documents
  - Fixed theme.color.text default, was white-on-white
  - Implemented previous and next links for Mallard documents
  - Importing Mallard XSLT changes from yelp-xsl
    + Added support for audio and video in Mallard HTML output
    + Moved most automatic link logic into common XSLT
    + Implemented sorting of link trails
    + Implemented link groups on Mallard guide pages
    + Added support for Mallard span element
    + Added condensed list style for Mallard lists
    + Made various parts of the Mallard XSLT more extensible
    + Changed Mallard Cache files to use new namespace
  - Added Mallard HTML output to gnome-doc-tool
  - Added --custom-xslt option to gnome-doc-tool
  - Compile mo files before running xml2po (Martin von Gagern)
  - Properly clean mo files in build utilities (Claude Paroz)
  - Updated Translations

39. By Robert Ancell on 2009-09-22

* New upstream release: (LP: #434453)
  - Replaced Mallard copyright element with credit
  - Fixed model for external-namespace elements in info context
  - Fixed gnome-doc-utils.make parallel build failure
  - mal2html: Handle link roles on automatic and inline links

38. By Robert Ancell on 2009-08-28

* Merge from debian/unstable, remaining changes: (LP: #420301)
  - debian/control.in:
    - Add python-libxml2 to Build-Depends
  - debian/rules:
    - update translations template

37. By James Westby on 2009-06-28

* New upstream release.
  - Added build magic for Mallard documents
  - Fixed various validity errors in the Mallard spec
  - Created a (not yet complete) DocBook->Mallard reference
  - Fixed various problems with the Mallard RNG schema
  - Various additions to (still incomplete) Mallard spec
  - Fixed DocBook menuchoice seperator in RTL, #579278
  - Install xml2po modes in /usr/lib/python2.x/ to respect FHS, #528099
    (Arun Raghavan)
  - Remove ending dot in translator-credits comment [xml2po], #398541
    (Claude Peroz)
  - Make all xml2po modes inherit from basic mode (Claude Peroz)
  - Fixed typos in xml2po man page, #586089 (Claude Peroz)
* Add python-libxml2 to Build-Depends, as it is now needed at build time
  as well.

36. By Didier Roche on 2009-06-15

* New upstream release: (LP: #387210)
  - Integrated Mallard support
  - Fix file-not-found warnings from config.status (Christian Persch)

35. By Andreas Moog on 2009-06-11

* Merge from debian/unstable, remaining changes: (LP: #385206)
  - debian/rules:
    - update translations template

34. By Andreas Moog on 2009-06-03

* New upstream release: (LP: #382964)
  - Use new hashlib module instead of md5, bug #576161 (Claude Paroz)
    (LP: #336882)
  - Updated translations

33. By Didier Roche on 2009-03-17

* New upstream release: (LP: #344078)
  - Updated translations

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