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17. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-01-30

* Rebase to packaging from pkg-java/eclipse (thanks to Niels Thykier):
  + Set a sane file limit for osgi-bundles. (Closes: #558693, LP: #293573)
  + Inject update sites on first run. (LP: #460944)
  + Prevent conflict with swt-gtk's swt packages.
    - Rename our swt packages.
    - Do not install conflicting symlinks/files.
    (Closes: #541638, LP: #491880)
  + Imported patch from Fedora that fixes seg. faults in libpango.
    (LP: #445009)
  + Update manpage. (LP: #494065)
  + Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4.
* Re-add versioned dependency on libcommons-el-java, libjetty-java,
  libservlet2.4-java; the packages are now available in Ubuntu.
* Drop versioned dependency on liblucene2-java and libmx4j-java; they are not
  yet available in Ubuntu.

16. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-12-29

* Rebase to packaging from pkg-java/eclipse:
  + Stopped using special hacks and work arounds to find JVMs.
    (Closes: #353360)
    - This removes the need for ~/.eclipse/eclipserc (Closes: #402077)
    - This makes eclipse read eclipse.ini (Closes: #491334)
  + Moved the executable to eclipse-platform from eclipse.
    (Closes: #358594)
  + Put the osgi jar-files into its own separate package. (LP: #102717)
  + Added workaround for gtk problems. (Closes: #552480)
  + Added missing API references. (Closes: #376850)
  + Moved org.eclipse.ant.ui to eclipse-platform. (LP: #477944)
  + Added information about how to create the orig.tar.gz.
    (Closes: #505553)
  + Rewrote symlink script to handle folders that are renamed on different
    archs/builds. (LP: #471859)
  + Move eclipse.ini into /etc (LP: #43162)
* Drop versioned dependency on libcommons-el-java, libjetty-java,
  libservlet2.4-java; they are not yet available in Ubuntu.

15. By Matthias Klose on 2009-11-01

Add support for additional architectures, fix the jni bindings
for 64bit ports.

14. By Matthias Klose on 2009-10-25

* Update packaging from pkg-java/eclipse (including patches to build
  on sparc).
* Add patches to build on armel and ia64. LP: #449766.
* Build used linux-gtk configurations only.
* Set GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS on startup. LP: #458703.

13. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-19

* Install org.eclipse.update.core.linux on x86 (LP: #454819).
* Add missing conflict between libequinox-osgi-java and older
  eclipse-rcp (LP: #455023).
* eclipse-jdt depends on eclipse-plugin-cvs.

12. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-18

Correct misspelt package in debian/rules, too (LP: #454616).

11. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-18

Correct misspelt package name to libequinox-osgi-java (LP: #454251).

10. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-17

Move arch independent rules into arch dependent rules (LP: #452272).

9. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-15

* Configure eclipse properly for Software Updates (LP: #438414).
* Split osgi jars in its own package (LP: #102717).
* Add source jar files to packages.

8. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-09

* New snapshot from eclipse-build.
  - Apply GTK 2.18 z-order patch (LP: #443004).
* Remove unversioned swt.jar link (LP: #446155).
* Add wrapper script for setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH (LP: #445842).
* Call remove with -f to fix FTBFS on powerpc.

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