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25. By Martin Pitt

Add 02-dkpclient-singleton.patch: Make DkpClient a singleton to avoid some
weird race conditions. Patch taken from upstream git. (Closes: #567021,
LP: #425411)

24. By Michael Biebl

* debian/patches/01-lid-status-fallback.patch
  - Use a fallback for the capability bit when checking the lid status.
    Patch pulled from upstream Git. (Closes: #555740)

23. By Martin Pitt

New upstream release.

22. By Michael Biebl

* New upstream release.
* Drop 01-fix-hibernate-has-encrypted-swap-check.patch, merged upstream.

21. By Michael Biebl

* debian/patches/01-fix-hibernate-has-encrypted-swap-check.patch
  - Fix broken check if swap space is encrypted. (Closes: #551797)
    Thanks to Michael Ott for spotting this.

20. By Martin Pitt

Add 00git-fix-ac-refresh.patch: Properly refresh update-time after AC
changes. This avoids immediately suspending again when AC state changes
during suspend. (LP: #425411)

19. By Martin Pitt

[ Michael Biebl ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/control
  - Add Recommends on pm-utils and policykit-1.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/control: This version changes the internal D-BUS API. Make library
  and daemon break each other for versions prior to 011, to avoid partial

18. By Steve Langasek

Add missing dependency from libdevkit-power-gobject-dev to the shared lib

17. By Martin Pitt

* Update to current git to get the upstream-applied version of
  0001-fix-crash-on-freeing-history-data.patch, and drop patch.
* debian/rules: Disable test suite on build again, it needs a running system
* Add debian/devicekit-power.postinst: Kill old daemon at package configure
  time, to ensure that the new one will run from then on.

16. By Martin Pitt

* Update to current git to collect some bug fixes:
  - Return meaningful errors if the user tries to suspend or hibernate
    without kernel support or swap setup
  - Update list of HID UPS devices
  - Only disable the polling if the kernel tells us we're fully charged, not
    if we guessed it
  - Add some self tests and fix up some obvious bugs
  - Be more militant with refcount checking to prevent crashes (LP: #426501)
  - bugfix: freeze and thaw the device during initial coldplug
  - Fix up some more memory leaks
  - Fix up a few problems spotted by clang
  - Raise the checked GLib version to 2.21.5
* Add 0001-fix-crash-on-freeing-history-data.patch: Fix double-free crash,
  forwarded to fd#23918.
* debian/rules: Run test suite on build.

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