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21. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/lp_522538.patch
  - Handle reconnects if the server isn't running (LP: #522538)

20. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/replication-exclusion.patch
  - replication exclusion doesn't work with MergableList value (LP: #563901)

19. By Chad Miller

* Upstream release. Adds all patches that were previously in this packaging.
* Split desktopcouch-service threads into to discrete processes, since they
  do not depend on each other, and because multithreading breaks with recent
  changes to libraries. (LP: #524566, #530605)
* Made desktopcouch more robust when dealing with mergeable lists.
  (LP: #555908)
* If the replication service gives a user_id, then include it in the
  query string, so the service can shard access.
* Add bookmark records support.
* Handle cancelled keyring dialogs. (LP: #527036)
* Retry when starting couchdb fails. (LP: #530541)
* debian/patches/0-items-should-expose-private-data-for-now.patch
  - Gwibber demands that some items that are private be exposed, namely
    keys _id and _rev. These should properly be accessed as attributes
    .record_id and .record_revision in some future release of gwibber.

18. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/2-expire_log_files
  - Make log files rotate away so they don't grow out of control.
* debian/patches/4-lp_524566_gui_in_main_thread
  - Execute GUI operations in the main execution thread only. (LP: #524566)

17. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/lp_534171.patch
  - Don't parse all the _changes feed; work out update_seq from the DB info,
     so we never request the whole feed, which is doom when the whole feed is
     large. (LP: #534171)

16. By Elliot Murphy

* New upstream bugfix release.
  - Provide more isolation in tests to avoid polluting the env when
    running tests.
  - Drop no_uri.patch and revert_dbus_getport.patch (included upstream)
  - Don't depend on simplejson, use built in json (LP: #511427)
  - Provide a method for clients to enable/disable replication of
    arbitrary databases with Ubuntu One (needed to allow enabling and
    disabling of gwibber and contact syncing).

15. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/no_uri.patch
  - fix a place were replication was not fully qualifying its accesses to
    Databases with a specific URL.
* debian/patches/revert_dbus_getport.patch
  - Revert the change in 0.6.2 that completely relied on dbus to get the
    port, this failed multithreaded execution in the client (LP: #530716)

14. By Elliot Murphy

* New upstream bugfix release.
  - Include a new program bin/desktopcouch-get-port .
  - Use DBus to get port, and thereby start the service daemon, on normal
    Python access to the database. (LP: #519444)
  - Update docs to be explicit about put_record(r) mutating r .
  - Add new method put_records_batch(iterable_of_records) .
  - Fix up apport collection.
  - Fix a problem with couchdb mutating its INI file to store a hashed
    password, which is useless for HTTP Basic auth in the bookmark file.
  - Fix obscure bugs in couchdb startup regarding port availability.
  - Update execute_view() ti take a dict of additional parameters for
  - Add has_key() method to desktopcouch.record.RecordDict so that it
    behaves more like a dictionary.

13. By Elliot Murphy

* New upstream release.
  - When logging replication events, replace all oauth secrets with a
    string of the same length.
  - Add CouchDatabase.report_changes() method.
  - Don't remove the HTML file that bookmarks point to.
  - Improve test coverage.
  - Use an explicit test context for testing.
  - For startup, loop over finding the port in case the port is not
    available when the PID is.
  - Ensure that the method that tests for the presence of a record does
    not just check if the field is present but ensures that the value
    is correct.
  - Do not read from the keyring if we have a configuration file that
    already has the info we need.
  - Move record_id to be a property rather than an attribute.
  - Improved pairing tool reliability by fixing race conditions.
  - Make the database generate it's own record IDs at "put" time, avoiding
    issues with non-idempotency of POST for doc creation.
  - Add Record.record_revision attribute to make it easier to get a records
    revision ID.
* debian/control
  - bumped standards version to 3.8.3

12. By Chad Miller

* New upstream release.
  + Fix remote-db-listing bug for SSL/HTTPS services. (LP: #458540)
  + Fix OAuth signatures for SSL urls.
  + Avoid couchdb bug where users' PID files are incorrectly interpreted as
    valid by couchdb, and so after slightly different boot, desktopcouch can
    never start couchdb, causing desktopcouch to quit. (LP: #442120)
  + For dbus, do not resolve data for events signaling a service disappears,
    and use explicit veriable-passing / references. (LP: #440072)
  + Flip push/pull logic in replication information.
  + When pulling from remote DB, do not try to access remote management DB.
  + Use meaningful names for keyring access. (LP: #451333)

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