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7. By Laurent Bigonville on 2010-03-07

* Treat -dbgsym packages as -dbg (LP: #533881)
* Fix encoding for French manpages (LP: #352744)

6. By CarstenHey on 2009-02-19

[ Andrej Tatarenkow ]
* Fix parsing of /var/lib/deborphan/keep so that it does not need a final
  newline. (Closes: #446533)

[ Carsten Hey ]
* Fix parsing of --no-show-section. (Closes: #507574)
* Handle Mono libraries like other special libraries, e.g. Perl or Python
  ones and add --guess-mono as option. (Closes: #402992)
* Add option --guess-kernel.
* Refactor guessing algorithm. Also improve guessing ruby libraries and
  guessing packages which are placed in the wrong section.
* Add option --no-guess-*. (Closes: #387594)
* Add options --ignore-suggests and --ignore-recommends. When both options
  are used together, deborphan behaves as if the nice-mode has been turned
  off. (Closes: #488329)
* Add option --show-deps-pristine. This option should be used by other
  programs that use deborphan instead of --show-deps since the output of the
  latter will change in the future.
* Fix some splint warnings, including a typo which was probably introduced
  during refactoring many years ago and broke debfoster support.
* Fix some typos in debian/changelog, thanks to Paul Menzel.
  (Closes: #495413)
* Don't run apt-get in orphaner when the to be used status file was
  explicitly specified.
* Remove the separator line from the package list whilst simulating removing
  packages in orphaner.
* Add option --skip-apt to orphaner.
* Abort orphaner when -c oder --find-circular is passed as option. These
  options will be added to deborphan 1.7.29 but initially not be supported
  by orphaner.
* Clarify the meaning of -R in the output of deborphan --help.
  (Closes: #497651)
* Don't ignore errors in the maintainer scripts.
* Update copyright.
* Update po files.

5. By CarstenHey on 2008-09-29

* Update French man page translation. Thanks to Jean-Luc Coulon and
  Christian Perrier. (Closes: #497517)
* Export LC_COLLATE=C in orphaner. Thanks to Michal Pokrywka for the
  detailed bug report. (Closes: #495818)
* Add new Italian translation. Thanks to Alessandro De Zorzi.
  (Closes: #498064)
* Some po files included an UTF-8 header but were ISO or vice versa, thus
  recode all po files to UTF-8 and include a correct header.

4. By Peter Palfrader on 2006-11-22

* Whitespace cleanup in orphaner (closes: #398330).
* Change a 'function sigwinch_handle' into 'sigwinch_handle()' in orphaner.
* Remove some noise in the basename check or orphaner that was probably
  introduced by vi editing. Orphaner didn't work when called as
* Fix an (unfiled) important bug when using editkeep. Regardless of
  the previous state of the keepfile, we completely clear it when the
  user selects cancel, or dialog terminates for some other reason, like
  the window getting too small.

3. By Peter Palfrader on 2005-03-16

Refactor handling of exclude list. Previosly there was a fixed limit
of 64 excludes, which can easily be reached when using orphaner's
simulate feature. Now we use a dynamically allocated list.

2. By Peter Palfrader on 2001-10-28

Applied guess-interpreters patch by Sean Perry <email address hidden>:
| Seeing as you check for perl right now, I added support for ruby,
| pike and python. The option is renamed from --guess-perl to
| --guess-interpreters. Both pike and python have optional version
| numbers in the file name so the regex has ([[:digit:]])? to
The patch has been forwarded to upstream quite some while ago but
since I haven't heard from Cris I decided to put it at least into
the debian tree (closes: #86463).

1. By Peter Palfrader on 2001-10-28

Import upstream version 1.0

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