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10. By Andreas Hoenen on 2010-02-18

* 20_refresh_pdf_figures.patch:
  Replace upstream figures PDF files by those recreated with TexLive 2009 as
  the 2009 XeTeX backend breaks on the old ones (e.g. when using a DocBook
  <caution> element).
* Fix watchfile to ignore the (unversioned) examples upstream tarball when
  determining the newest version. Thanks to Michal Čihař for reporting.
  Closes: #569572
* Adapt to API changes of package python-apt:
  + 20_python_apt_pep_8.patch
  + debian/control: Version the dependency on python-apt (>= 0.7.91).
* Standards-Version: 3.8.4 (no changes needed)

9. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-11-14

* Cope with missing <mtr> and <mtd> elements in MathML <mtable>s (although
  omitting those is deprecated). Thanks to Petr Břeň for reporting.
  Closes: #551740
* Migrate patch system from dpatch to quilt.
* Change source package format to 3.0 (quilt).
* Include the upstream tarball in original bz2 format instead of repackaging
  it as gz.

8. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-08-27

* New upstream release
* New upstream release fixes the separate page number display of PDF viewers
  like evince and acroread regarding the TOC page numbers for large documents
  when using the XeTeX backend. Thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez for reporting.
  Closes: #533332
* Remove patches that have been integrated upstream:
  + 20_preserve_linebreaks_in_screen_userinput (#528964)
  + 10_dblatex_wrapper_script
* Cleanup dblatex .sty files that are already provided by TeXLive packages:
  + Remove the duplicates from dblatex.
  + Add a dependency on texlive-bibtex-extra for bibtopic.sty (the other files
    are provided by the already existing dependency on texlive-latex-extra).
  + Remove the .sty files section from the copyright file.
  Thanks to Vincent Lefevre for reporting. Closes: #535550
* Synchronize debian/copyright with upstream COPYRIGHT regarding spelling
* Move contents of debian/README.Debian-source to debian/copyright in order to
  comply with "Debian Developer's Reference", "Best practices for orig.tar.gz
* Add dblatex README.source refering to the dpatch one. Thanks, lintian.
* Standards-Version: 3.8.3 (no changes needed)

7. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-06-27

* New upstream release
* New upstream release improves <refnamediv> rendering. Thanks to Ivan
  Shmakov for reporting. Closes: #528849
* 20_preserve_linebreaks_in_screen_userinput.dpatch:
  Preserve the verbatim nature of <userinput> elements even as children of
  a <screen> element, that is preserve linebreaks. Thanks to Ivan Shmakov
  for reporting. Closes: #528964
* Debian specific files are now kept in upstream repository and included in
  upstream package:
  + Post failure analysis code (errorhandler.py)
  + Wrapper script (/usr/bin/dblatex)
  + 10_analyze_failure.dpatch: drop
  + 10_dblatex_wrapper_script.dpatch: adapt wrapper included in upstream
    release to Debian file locations
  + debian/rules: install both files
* 10_TEXINPUTS_env_precedence.dpatch: remove as integrated upstream.
* 10_xetex_fontspec_encoder.dpatch: remove as integrated upstream.
* debian/rules: Remove cleanup of superfluous file test1.py as applied
* Standards-Version: 3.8.2 (no changes needed)

6. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-02-22

* Apply specified pass-through options for the XSLT engine to all
  xsltproc calls. Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting and for the
  patch. Closes: #514932
* Relax dependencies on packages texlive-lang-cyrillic and texlive-xetex to
  Suggests. Thanks to Sandro Tosi for the suggestion. Closes: #514293
  + Cope with missing file ifxetex.sty when not using the XeTeX backend
  + Warn appropriately on transformation failure due to missing package
    texlive-lang-cyrillic (10_analyze_failure.dpatch).
  + Document purpose of optional dependencies in README.Debian.
* Create a HTML version from the DocBook user manual (besides the PDF
  version distributed with upstream). Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for the
  suggestion. Closes: #492675
  New dependencies (Build-Depends-Indep):
  + docbook-xml
  + docbook-xsl
  + ghostscript
  + transfig
  + xsltproc
  HTML creation needs two patches:
* 20_html_doc_external_programlisting.dpatch:
  Fix inclusion of external programlistings into the user manual in a way
  that it works also for the HTML version.
* 20_html_doc_missing_images.dpatch:
  Provide some missing images referenced in the DocBook source, thus they
  get included also in the HTML version.
  New dependencies (Build-Depends-Indep):
  + sharutils
* Remove the cleanup code for non-configuration files in /etc/dblatex/ (BTS
  bug #395207) as outdated: meanwhile a fixed version has migrated to
  + debian/postinst
  + debian/README.Debian
* Copyright adaptions:
  + Actualize copyright dates.
  + Fix copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright. Thanks, lintian.

5. By Andreas Hoenen on 2008-08-11

* Improve CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) support:
  + Let XSL configuration parameter cjk.font default to gkai (instead of the
    cyberbit font not included in Debian).
  + Add Suggests dependency on latex-cjk-all for the gkai fonts.
  + Fix the db2latex style not to collide with the CJKutf8.sty file.
  Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting and hints.
  Closes: #482857, #492350
* Fix a name clash with TeXLive for spanish documents in native style.
  Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting. Closes: #492304
* Support underscore characters in xreflabel attributes. Thanks to
  Sébastien Villemot for reporting. Closes: #492959

4. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-11-18

Do not depend on script mktexlsr belonging to a non-essential package
in postrm purge. (Urgency set to high due to serious severity.)
Closes: #398776

3. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-07-09

* Install TeX input files in TEXMFMAIN. Closes: #376388
* Fix itemizedlist for french documents. Closes: #374215
* Improve the way font setup uses to access Postscript fonts. Closes: #376418
* Allow TeX to be provided by texlive as an alternative to tetex.
  Closes: #376386
* Fix the copyright output for multiple copyright holders in db2latex style.
  Closes: #374212
* Add copyright output in native style.
* Dump out the debian version of dblatex instead of the upstream version when
  invoking dblatex. (Thanks to Benoit Guillon for this suggestion.)

2. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-05-15

* Enable file names containing white space to be handled. Closes: #366721
* Standards-Version: 3.7.2 (no changes needed)

1. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-05-15

Import upstream version 0.1.9

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