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13. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-12

[ David Planella ]
* Removed obsolete template
* marked .ui file for string extraction, Thanks to Gabor Kelemen

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* remove recommended column (LP: #536908)

12. By Michael Vogt on 2010-01-21

* computerjanitorapp/ui_gtk.py:
  - fix find_and_bind_widgets (LP: #503727)

11. By Michael Vogt on 2009-11-25

* New upstream release:
  - merge fixes from Julian Andres Klode (many thanks)
  - threading improvements
  - optimization
  - improve the UI responsiveness
* The above threading/UI changes should fix LP: #451833
  (needs a updated update-manager-core as well)
* debian/control:
  - remove the python-glade2 dependency (we use gtkbuilder)
  - set XS-Python-Version to "current" to workaround strange
    effect that python-support generates 2.5 headers for the
    binaries otherwise

10. By to be removed on 2009-09-16

* Undid changes in previous release wrt UI and threading changes,
  since they didn't seem to fix the problem.
* Set the gettext translation domain for GtkBuilder.
  (Closes: LP: #437827)
* The "bored now" message dialog is used properly.

9. By to be removed on 2009-09-09

* New upstream release. Fixes the following bugs in Ubuntu:
  - incomplete translation template (Closes: LP: #425018)
  - "cleanup" button sensitive when there's nothing to clean up
    (Closes: LP: #418319)
  - wrong launchpad page link in about box (Closes: LP: #417309)
* Also, upstream re-introduced the "unsupported package" plugin, and
  the Ubuntu packaging added a default whitelist file listing the
  most common manually installed third-party packages.

8. By to be removed on 2009-08-21

* New upstream version. Closes bugs in Launchpad:
  - System cleaner removes explicitly installed third-party packages
    (LP: #285746)
  - I do not want to remove '/' (LP: #337241)
  - computer-janitor incomplete error description (LP: #365325)
  - computer-janitor commandline interface not pipe-friendly (LP: #375094)
  - Python 2.6 DeprecationWarning: Accessed deprecated property
    Package.candidateDownloadable (LP: #407127)
  - Should use GtkBuilder rather than libglade (LP: #403537)
  - Ambiguous wording in confirmation alert box (LP: #349336)
  - computer-janitor-gtk crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in
    get_description() (LP: #352461)
  - Can't deselect fixes with space in computer-janitor (LP: #355535)
  - relatime tweak will not be necessary in karmic (LP: #369151)
  - computer janitor needs filesize column (LP: #396522)
* Packaging now uses dh from debhelper 7.

7. By Michael Vogt on 2009-07-08

[ Charlie Smotherman ]
Fixed typo in manpage (Closes: LP: #366702).

6. By to be removed on 2009-04-15

* plugins/*.py: Fix to use the computerjanitorapp gettext instance,
  instead of the computerjanitor one. This should fix a couple of
  translations problems.
* computerjanitorapp/ui_gtk.py: Really ugly (bug localized ugly!)
  hack to extract parts of cruft descriptions that need to be
  translated, translating them, and then putting back the whole
  description string again. (Closes: LP: #361312)

5. By to be removed on 2009-04-01

* Fix gettext translation domain to be "computerjanitor" everywhere.
  (Closes: LP: #344704)
* Fix NameError crash when closing an error dialog. Can't reproduce
  this, but I suspect it is some kind of weird race condition with
  threads and GTK+. (Closes: LP: #335828)
* Fix typo on computerjanitorapp/app.py's help text for --no-act.
* When a cruft is selected, scroll it into view after the label has
  been updated with the description. (Closes: LP: #349653)
* plugins/unsupported_plugin.py: Don't mark as cruft stuff that has
  installed reverse dependencies. (Closes: LP: #345939)
* data/computer-janitor.desktop.in: Use the right translation
  domain. (Closes: LP: #352770)

4. By to be removed on 2009-03-04

* New upstream release, with minor GTK user interface changes.
  Fixes bugs reported to Ubuntu:
  - Duplicate shortcut keys for Cleanup and Close (LP: #311557)
  - Better description(s) needed for cleanup actions (LP: #300354)
* Updated package descriptions to be clearer.

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