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13. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild for OCaml 3.11.2 transition (LP: #527627).

12. By Ilya Barygin

No-change rebuild for liblablgtk2-ocaml transition.

11. By Mehdi

Add a patch to fix integer overflows in tiffread.c
Fixes: CVE-2009-3296

10. By Mehdi

* Update e-mail address
* Use dh_ocamldoc to generate and install the documentation
  (Closes: #549763)
* Reorder inclusions in debian/rules to workaround a CDBS bug.
* Bump standards to 3.8.3
* Use new features of dh-ocaml (>= 0.9)
* Tighten build-dependencies on lablgtk2 and findlib
* Fix duplicate-short-description

9. By Sylvain Le Gall

Add a patch fix_more_integer_overflows to fix security issues,
(Closes: 540146)
Fixes: CVE-2009-2660

8. By Mehdi

[ Mehdi Dogguy ]
* Add myself to uploaders
* Fix missing comma in control file, Closes: #535675.
* Move library packages to ocaml section.
* Get rid of usage of old OCaml's stdlib location, fixes FTBFS.
* Add versioned dependencies to ocaml-findlib and lablgtk2 to ease
  OCaml 3.11.1 transition.
* Bump standards to 3.8.2
* Move documentation from the -dev package to the -doc one.
* Add a patch fix_integer_overflows to fix security issue (CVE-2009-2295)

[ Sylvain Le Gall ]
* Use a unique ID foreach document managed by doc-base

7. By Michael Bienia

* debian/patches/fix_integer_overflows.dpatch:
  Add patch from ocamlimages 1:3.0.1-2 to fix CVE-2009-2295 as we don't want
  to transition to OCaml 3.11.1 yet.
* debian/control: Add missing comma in Build-Depends (lp: #391546).

6. By Sylvain Le Gall

[ Ralf Treinen ]
* Updated debian/watch.

[ Sylvain Le Gall ]
* New upstream version:
  * Remove useless patches
  * Adapt debian/rules and other debhelper files
  * Add debian/patches/fix_3_0_1 to fix various problem (probably due to
    OCaml 3.11 migration)
* Depends on version 2.12 of lablgtk2
* Add dh-ocaml build-dependency (rules/ocaml.mk)
* Add ${misc:Depends} to dependencies
* Update Homepage field into debian/control and debian/copyright
* Add license version for debian packaging
* Directly use eng.html rather than creating a linked index.html file

5. By Sylvain Le Gall

* Update copyright file to something more compliant with
* Change Objective CAML for OCaml in debian/control
* Add *-dev dependency back, in fact they are used (Closes: #489085)

4. By Sylvain Le Gall

* Change my email address to <email address hidden>,
* Set me as only uploaders,
* Made debian/control a PHONY target,
* Upgrade standards version to 3.7.2 (no change),
* Hijack the package, with the permission of the
  Debian OCaml Maintainer group,

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