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16. By Raphael Bossek on 2009-11-29

Fixed dash compatibility within ../bugzilla3/lib/checksetup.pl.
Closes: #558238

15. By Artur Rona on 2009-08-17

* Fix installable problem (LP: #414985):
  - Depend on libjs-yui, not yui.
  - Fix typo in Recommends on imagemagick.

14. By Raphael Bossek on 2009-07-19

* Changed processing of Status/Resolution field changes. I hope this
  modification is less disturbing for 99% of typical installations.
* Fixed ucf warning. Closes: #521855
* (Ubuntu) Fixed processing of manual checksetup.pl execution.
  LP: #398892, #394972, #394846, #367476, #301909, #317963, #313310
* (Ubuntu) Installation of outstanding packages is not supported.
  LP: #389962
* (Ubuntu) perl-modules=5.10.0-24 provides the CGI package of version 3.29
  which is not enought to bugzilla. For Perl 5.10 version 3.33 of CGI
  package is required. LP: #386620
* (Ubuntu) Added cvs and imagepagick to Recommends. LP: #386598
* (Ubuntu) Applied example from Rolf Leggewie for vh-basic.conf. LP: #386608
* (Ubuntu) Restart of apache2 added. LP: #300566
* (Ubuntu) Processing of templates fixed by pre-checksetup.d script.
  LP: #302192
* (Ubuntu) The sym-link /usr/share/bugzilla3/web/data ->
  /var/lib/bugzilla3/data is valid. LP: #386592
* (Ubuntu) Sendmail support is fixed upstream. LP: #281379
* (Ubuntu) Change file permissions for skins after checksetup.pl call.
  LP: #314123
* (Ubuntu) Fixed file permissions in /etc/bugzilla3. LP: #386604

13. By Raphael Bossek on 2009-01-10

* Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n-
  english team as part of the Smith review project. Closes: #507533
* [Debconf translation updates]
  - German. Closes: #507594
  - Swedish. Closes: #506601
  - Japanese. Closes: #507773
  - Portuguese. Closes: #507813, #508317
  - French. Closes: #508164
  - Russian. Closes: #508290
  - Italian. Closes: #508530
  - Basque. Closes: #508892
* Fixed skin support. Closes: #509020
* checksetup.pl is now a wrapper shell script which run-parts
  /usr/share/bugzilla3/debian/{pre,post}-checksetup.d directories. Scripts
  in those directories take care about the configuration. The configuration
  variable webdotbase is preset to the right value. Closes: #494091
* If Status/Resolution filds were modified, checksetup.pl is *not* started
  but installation procedure is finished successful. The user have to
  restart dpkg-reconfigure bugzilla3 after modified checksetup_nondebian.pl.
* If package is installed from scratch the /etc/apache2/conf.d/bugzilla3 is
  sym-linked to /usr/share/doc/bugzilla3/examples/basic.conf. Bugzilla works
  out of the box in this case.
* Support for PostgreSQL is missing right now (see bug 511331) but it's
  possible right now to install this package without db-config support and do
  everthing manually. Closes: #507555

12. By Raphael Bossek on 2008-11-19

Update to new release.

11. By Emanuele Gentili on 2008-08-14

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - added Homepage field.

10. By Emanuele Gentili on 2008-08-12

* debian/control:
 + added Homepage field.

9. By Raphael Bossek on 2008-06-27

* Update of French, Russian and German translations. (closes: #488251)
* Added Bulgarian and Belarusian translations.

8. By Jonathan Davies on 2008-05-29

* New upstream release (LP: #138886, #235701).
* Removed "CVS" directories and ".cvsignore" files from upstream tarball.
* Added patches/ubuntu_01_bugzilla_libpath.dpatch - newly updated as necessary
  version of old 01_libpath.dpatch patch.
* Added patches/01_debian_package_version.dpatch - replaces old patch
  01_VERSION.dpatch, simply changes the version of Bugzilla to show the
  Debian packaging's versioning.
* Added patches/ubuntu_05_makefile_install.dpatch - Use a Makefile to
  install Bugzilla to the correct locations. Based on Makefile in old
  package but in patch form.
* Removed 02_checksetup.dpatch - fixed upstream.
* Removed 101_Config.diff - upstream has changed codebase.
* Renamed 06_contrib.dpatch to ubuntu_02_contrib_shebang_fixes.dpatch -
  corrects 'shebangs' which point to /usr/local/bin/ to /usr/bin/.
* Renamed 08_showdependencygraph.dpatch to
  ubuntu_03_showdependencygraph_url_fixes.dpatch and updated code as
  necessary - fixes graph URL to make the webdot generation possible.
* Removed CVE-2007-0791.dpatch - applied to upstream code.
* Removed CVE-2007-4543.dpatch - applied to upstream code.
* Renamed 09_homelink.dpatch to ubuntu_04_fixed_homepage_linked.dpatch -
  upstream now has links in
  'template/en/default/global/common-links.html.tmpl' instead of
* Removed 03_webpath.dpatch - upstream has changed stylesheet layout.
* Updated 10_perl_scripts_shebang.dpatch and removed part on "globals.pl" -
  no longer in source.
* Removed Debian vhost support patches (see docs/html/multiple-bz-dbs.html
  for how to run multiple Bugzilla instances):
  - Removed 04_Config.pm.dpatch - duplicate patch and unable to adapt it to
    new upstream code.
  - Removed 07_virtualhosting.dpatch - duplicate patch of
  - Removed 'debian/examples' - contained Apache VHost example setup files
    for Bugzilla.
  - Removed section about vhosts from README.Debian.
* debian/rules:
  - Removed rules for "vhost conf dir", "examples" and "101_Config.diff"
    installation rules.
  - Removed part about bugzilla-fr package.
  - Remved part about "whine.pl" - now in Makefile.
  - Added rules to check the setup with upstream's "checksetup.pl" script.
* debian/control:
  - Updated Standards-Version to 3.7.3.
  - Updated compatibity level and debhelper build dependency version to 6.
  - Added Homepage field to source package stanza.
  - Added part about seeing 'bugzilla' package for more info to
  - Added libapache2-mod-perl2, libtemplate-perl, libmime-perl,
    libappconfig-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl, libtimedate-perl, libgd-gd2-perl,
    libgd-text-perl, libxml-twig-perl, perlmagick, libemail-send-perl,
    libemail-mime-modifier-perl, libchart-perl, libgd-graph-perl,
    libhtml-scrubber-perl, libdbi-perl, libfile-spec-perl, libgd-graph-perl,
    libgd-text-perl, libnet-ldap-perl, libxml-parser-perl: to build
    dependencies with the necessary versions as stated by upstream in
    docs/html/installation.html - in order to check packaging correctly with
    'checksetup.pl' in rules. Also updated the 'bugzilla' dependencies with
    the above (LP: #235461).
  - Removed dependencies on old "apache" packages as they are no longer in
    the archives.
  - Moved mail transport agents on 'bugzilla' from Depends to
    Suggests (LP: #156405).
* debian/copyright: Updated the downloaded from link.
* debian/bugzilla.docs: Added "QUICKSTART", "rel_notes.txt" and "UPGRADING"
  documentation from source tarball for inclusion in package.
* debian/bugzilla-doc.doc-base: Corrected some spelling mistakes.
* debian/bugzilla.postinst: Removed sections about 101_Config.diff.
* Changed 'X_BUGZILLA_SITE' in bugzilla.cron.daily and bugzilla.postinst to

7. By Michael Bienia on 2007-09-01

* Merge from Debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/rules: Install whine.pl in /usr/share/bugzilla/lib.
  - debian/control: Update maintainer field.

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